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The 9 week Program is designed to supercharge your business by  breaking through your money blocks and improve your sales process so you can charge what you're worth and elevate yourself to a whole new level of money in your business.

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Ready to step into your CEO shoes and finallly feel financialy free in your business?

Elevated isn't just about Mindset, it encompasses every piece of your energetic output that affects your success in business. 

Throughout the eight weeks you'll upgrade your internal money blueprint so you can open your channel to receive more. You'll start charging your worth, unapologetically promote yourself and your business and start attracting your next level of wealth, freedom and impact. 
From releasing generational blocks of scarcity, learning how to balance the maculine and feminine energies in business, and how to break your next income ceiling, you'll be owning your worth and supercharging your business for financial freedom in no time.

Isn't it time to start charging your worth and get off the income roller-coaster?

Time to drop the scarcity and become more abundant as the powerhouse CEO you know you can be?

ELEVATED will take you from stressed and overworked to feeling confident to charge your worth, show up unapologetically and become the powerhouse CEO of a profitable and sustainable business that you love!

Over 9 weeks you'll transform your mindset from scarcity to abundance, opening up the floodgates so you can make more money, help more people and have more freedom. 

You'll find the confidence to charge you're worth, dream bigger, go after new opportunities in business and feel worthy of the success you've created.

These are the shifts I've used to go from inconsistent income to being fully booked with dream clients & making consistent 5 figure months, which I now use to help my clients do the same. 

Now it's your turn.

Kicking off late August 2022!

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My favorite part was exploring and understanding my money mindset, as well as trying new tools to work through them and hearing other participants share their experiences. I'm definetly more abundant in my mindset. I've already recommended the program multiple times already - it is so powerful working on this stuff, and since I started working with you I have tripled my income!

Morgan, - Beauty Salon Owner

hey I'm christine

I'm a Business Mindset Coach obsessed with Money Mindset. I've helped clients sell out their programs and workshops, raise their prices with confidence and 6 times their businesses in less than 12 months. 

Let me tell you, if I could count the amount of times I doubted myself, my ideas, and my value I would've lost count by now. 

It's crazy the amount of times I've had to stop comparing myself to other epic women who I see succeeding, while sabotaging my own growth!  If I could get that time back, I'd be much further ahead than I am right now. 

I know it may seem impossible to think you can work on your mindset and it shift everything in your business, but I'm here to tell you that I've witnessed time and time again the impact this work can have. 

Not only have I gone from being stuck on an income roller coaster, to believing so whole-heartedly in my worth that I tripled my income in 12 months, but I've also helped so many of my clients do the same. 

That's why I've created this program, so you can have this too.

ELEVATED is more than a course about Money Mindset, this is about creating a sustainable and profitable business, with you the powerhouse confident woman at the helm ready to take her life and business to the next level.

This live group coaching experience will...

  • Set you up with the mindset you need to be successful and financially free in your business
  • Give you the confidence to implement all the strategies you've already learnt but were too scared to action until now. 
  • Use Neuro-Science backed strategies that are proven to breakthrough the money blocks on a subconscious level to create long lasting change.
  • Give you the confidence to be the powerhouse CEO who embraces her numbers, takes risks and dreams big with the self belief she can do anything.
  • Build the confidence and self worth to stop caring what other people think and to show up unapologetically to attract your dream clients.
  • Teach you how to break the habits of self-sabotage and self-doubt to elevate your level of wealth and self worth
  • Teach you to use money as a tool to support your business mission and call your business to play at a bigger game


Here's the thing... You cannot see your own blind spots and trying to change your money mindset on your own is like trying to change a computer program without learning how to code, you can't otherwise you would have done it already. 


You deserve to earn more and feel confident in the direction your business is going. Creating a strong abundant mindset and a sustainable and profitable business are where it all begins.

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