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Fear Of Rejection

Fear of Rejection is a real logical fear that keeps many of us stuck.⠀It stops us from asking for the sale, following up on leads, showing up online, trying new things, launching new products or services, speaking up for ourselves, and asking for what we want!

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How Self Doubt Is Sabotaging Your Success

Imagine if…. Imagine if you didn’t doubt yourself. Imagine if you believed in yourself so strongly that nothing felt like an obstacle? What if you knew, to your core, that you were able to overcome anything that threatened to derail you and your mission? Self-doubt is one of the biggest

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Overcoming A Scarcity Mindset

When you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset it’s really hard to start thinking abundantly, even when you know it’s what could change everything for you.
There is always more, plenty, plethora, enough. Why don’t we believe this?
Sitting in a place of lack, feeling like there is a shortage of money, time, options, possibilities and stressing about all the what if’s and the lack there of’s, only creates more scarcity.
Not only do the negative thoughts create more negative thoughts, but it keeps us stuck in a place of despair, and confusion with no ladder to get yourself out of the scarcity hole.

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Productivity Is A Mindset

Productivity is a mindset. Motivating ourselves to be productive and creative for our
own purposes can be challenging at times especially when we find ourselves
Productivity starts with the mind. It starts with what we
believe is possible. What are we capable of?
When our minds are scattered, we get distracted and produce
less. When we are focused, we’re able to produce more. This is why multitasking doesn’t work. Trying
to focus on multiple things at once only adds to the time it takes to complete

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EOFY – The Power In The Numbers

nd of financial year talk is not even the tiniest bit sexy and often the one thing most business owners don’t want to talk about and dread the entire year. It doesn’t have to be like that.

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What If There Was No Wrong Decision?

What if what you chose worked out exactly as you wanted it to? What if it worked out perfectly? What if there was no wrong decision? Which one would you choose? If you’re holding yourself back from making a big decision or stewing over too many options for fear of

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Signs From The Universe (To Raise My Prices)

Sometimes, it’s little signs that show you you’re on the right path and other times,  it takes a train wreck to show you that you’re not. Clearly, the Universe knows where it’s at. It’s so funny how the universe likes to send us little nudges to step up and step

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