137 – The Power of Masterminding with Leanne Webber, Founder of the Founders Team

Leanne Webber is incredibly passionate and supportive about helping business owners exceed their fullest potential. After struggling through 3 years of business ownership, feeling isolated and alone, Leanne decided she needed to surround herself with like-minded people that could help her through the challenges she was having in business. She searched high and low for […]

135 – THE TWISTS AND TURNS OF LIVING YOUR PURPOSE with Emily Gowor, Inspirational Writer, Author & Speaker.

After overcoming depression at age 19, Emily devoted herself and her life to bringing writing and inspiration to the world – and she has now spent more than a decade showing people that it is possible to live an extraordinary life. As the author of 11 published books on the topics of self-help, entrepreneurship and […]

133 – Uplevel your Sales with Bay Bradfield, Business Growth Strategist and Sales Coach.

Are you posting on socials and just not converting your followers into paying clients? Are you struggling to convert clients that opt in to your free content? Bay helps entrepreneurs to make more money in their business by helping them implement lead generating strategies, create sales processes to then turn those leads into paying customers […]

132-Why you need to know your business values

If you want to build a business that is not only successful but actually fulfills you as a person as well, then uncovering your values and finding ways to live into those values will set you up to do this. So let’s uncover our values, and find out how to use them to support us in creating a fulfilling and satisfying business that we love.

131 -Elevate your Circle of Influence

Then it may be time you elevate your circle of influence. Every day we are influencing and being influenced by those around us. If we want to elevate our mindset, motivation and success then finding ways to surround yourself with people who have achieved the level of success you want is vital.

130 – Charge what you’re worth & not feel guilty about it

Are you charging what you’re worth and feeling guilty about it? Or maybe you’re struggling to figure out what you should be charging, or wanting to put your prices up, and wanting to feel less guilty about it. Today on the podcast I break down how to charge what your worth, what you need to […]