218 – New Level, New Devil

As you grow and scale your business you’re going to come up against some pretty big mindset blocks, and one of those times is when you’re on the precipice of a new level.

You’ve gotten yourself so far, you’ve achieved certain things and for this, there are certain things that have worked, and as you push yourself and your business to the next level, things that used to work, no longer do and it’s time to change.
Cue the fear and impostor syndrome.

As you step into the unknown it is normal to experience a new level of fear and a new devil of a mindset block.

Every new level of business requires a new version of you.

215 – Biggest Challenges of 2020

215 – Biggest Challenges of 2020
Over the next 5 episodes, I’ll be sharing snippets from 6 interviews I hosted with 6 incredible business owners as they shared their lessons, challenges, wins of 2020 and how they plan to prepare for 2021!

Join me as I chat with:

Leah Crisell – Brand Strategist
Sally Prosser – Voice Coach
Emma Lewis – Founder of Canvast
Petria Leggo-Field – Founder of Coco Rose Eco
Leanne Webber – CEO of The Founders Team
Rosie Chehade – Leadership Mentor & Coach & Best selling author

212 – Becoming an engaging Speaker with Voice Coach Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser is a voice coach who’s all about helping you speak with confidence, clarity, and charisma. She believes that unless you’ve sworn a lifetime vow of silence, your voice matters and is key to connecting with others – whether it’s one person at a coffee catch-up or a thousand people at a conference.
As a TV & radio news journalist for 8 years. company spokesperson and speech & drama teacher she knows a trick or two about speaking with confidence, clarity and charisma.
During Covid, Sally decided to have some fun on TikTok and had such massive success building a following of more than 230k followers, that she was featured on the Sunrise featured in the Daily Mail.