151 -Soul-led Marketing with Karla Pizzica, Brand & Marketing Strategist and Mentor

Karla Pizzica is a Brand & Marketing Strategist & Mentor with over 20 years of experience in the online world. She is passionate about helping female Soulpreneurs stand in their authentic expression, feminine power & abundance. With the right marketing guidance, design & strategy, her clients achieve alignment, clarity, consistency and a thriving online business led by their passion & purpose.

148 – Next Level Collaborations with Jess Ruhfus, Founder of Collabosaurus

Jess Ruhfus is the Founder of Collabosaurus, a marketing platform that match-makes brands for clever collaborations & partnerships. With a background in fashion publicity and marketing education, Jess was frustrated sourcing cool brand partnerships in events, products & social media. So, she launched Collabosaurus in 2015, which has now attracted over 6500+ brands including Porsche, ASOS, Olay, Topshop & one of the largest global retailers in the U.S. Jess won the 2019 B&T 30 Under 30 award in Entrepreneurship, & has spoken for Apple, Vogue, General Assembly, ADMA & The College of Event Management.

145 – “What If” Anxiety

Do you get caught up in all the What IF stories and spiral into anxious thoughts and feelings?
Does it keep you stuck and frustrated, just wishing that you could change the way you felt?
Practiced thought patterns that spiral out of control can keep us procrastinating or stuck in a place of fear, worrying about all the what ifs:
What if this happened
What if I hadn’t done this, what if I had done this, what if this goes wrong
What if it’s a flop, what if I’m judged, what if I’m seen as a failure again