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Elevate Intensive
Go from stuck to unstoppable!

A Business Mindset Program designed to help you move through the blocks that are keep you stuck so you can step out, step up and start creating the results you want to achieve in your business and make the impact you desire!

Are you sick and tired of things in your business just being "OK"?

Are you sick of holding yourself back for fear of the "What if's"?

Are you done ignoring that niggling feeling you were put on this earth for something MORE?

Are you ready to stop hiding and start owning who you are and what you have to offer?

Are you ready to get over your fear of showing up online and embrace putting your  self out there authentically?

Do you want to have the confidence to share your message and ask for what you want?

Are you ready to charge what you're worth and start making the money you deserve?

Are you ready to start manifesting more money, clients, opportunities and experiences?

Are you ready to stop treating your business like a hobby and start believing in yourself and what your business has to offer?

Join a small group of heart centred entrepreneurs who want to elevate their mindset, business & motivation and step into who they want to become now

5 x 90 Min Group Coaching Calls

Each week we meet online and dive into the 5 modules to help you overcome your fears, master your mindset, manifest more money & align your actions with your dreams

Private Facebook Group for Guidance & Celebrating your wins 

 & Weekly worksheets to enhance your transformation.

1:1 Private Coaching

Depending on which package you choose, we dive deeper into what ever is holding you back to catapult your results & release the mindset blocks that keep us stuck.  

Group Mastermind

At the end of our 6 weeks together we meet in person to connect &  collaborate for a 3 hour Mastermind & celebrate the transformation at a Celebratory Lunch!


This program is an intimate group of heart centred female entrepreneurs who are ready to overcome their fears, manifest more money, align themselves with their future selves and finally step into who they want to become and experience the success they deserve. 

Is that you?

Elevate Intensive Starts In: