In today’s episode, I had the privilege to interview Kylie Lowe, founder of Joining Hands Australia.

I met Kylie in 2016 when I signed up to become a GiveBack Ambassador for Joining Hands to assist in providing wellness services to the homeless and vulnerable of Brisbane.

Through these amazing give back days, where I helped provide Haircuts (I am a qualifiaed Hairdresser) to homeless youth, I got to know Kylie and her mission to connect on a deeper level to these vulnerable people.

We talk about how she has overcome massive health challenges to be able to know that she is here for a reason and to be a voice to those who are voiceless on the streets of Australia.

Kylie started out in 2009 giving wellness clinics to women and children for free and has developed a sustainable business where she invites other passionate business owners to become a part of the social impact she is creating.

Kylie says, she started out with a vision and a dream  and with no business knowledge, she surrounded herself with successful people and looked for constant support to be able to make her mission possible.

Through creating strong connections with these young people, Kylie understands the importance of creating kind and giving business relationships and how being aware of your inner narrative through mindfulness is a great way to keep you on purpose.


To find out more about the impact Kylie is making please visit her website on

and to become part of the Giveback Ambassador Program please check out

You can also connect with her on Facebook on and Instragram on @joininghandsaus



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