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UPLEVEL IN 2021 - Planning & Business Mindset Workshop 

The Details:

Friday 27th November


9am - 1pm 

Merci Event Space


$75per person + Booking Fee

uplevel in 2021
This half-day workshop is designed to open your mind up to new possibilities, highlight where you can uplevel and assist you in planning a successful year ahead. 
New year planning is one of my favorite things to do and it's even more fun when you surround yourself with other like-minded motivated people who also want to see you succeed!

What we'll be covering: 

  • The Key ingredients for turning 2021 into your biggest success yet
  • The missing piece you need to apply to your goals to make them motivating AF
  • Uncover the blocks that may hinder your success & make a plan to move through the fear
  • Identify where you're missing out on opportunities & abundance
  • Explore the Impostor Syndrome and learn how to overcome it so you can rise up
  • A clear actionable plan ready to step into the new year ahead
  • The CEO Mindset you need to adopt to take your business to the next level

What's included in your ticket:

  • A half-Day workshop designed to help you UPLEVEL your mindset & your business in 2021
  • Morning Tea
  • Connection time to other motivated and like-minded people 
  • Epic tools to help you elevate your mindset and overcome the Impostor Syndrome
  • A Detailed workbook to take home
  • A powerful Visualisation to overcome the Impostor Syndrome 
There are only limited spaces available so book your spot now and set yourself up for massive success in 2021!

End of Year Party! Say goodbye to 2020!

December Event

The Details:


December 2nd


6.30pm - 10pm

Darling and Co

Paddington, Qld


$55per person + Booking Fee

Whether you thrived or just survived this year, it's worthy of a celebration! 

What a crazy year it has been! If you made it ( and you did - no matter what happened, you're still here), I want to celebrate you! With hard times comes strength and resilience and this year gave us bucketloads of just that!

It's important that we celebrate the wins and learn from the lessons and take some time to reflect on everything that happened and didn't happen this year! 

Our END OF YEAR PARTY - is your party! It's your opportunity to celebrate with your friends in business, bring your partners, your team mates, your employees, and let's let our hair down while we listen to some incredible stories of resilience, adapting and thriving!

With 5 incredible speakers sharing their lessons, wins and challenges from the year that was 2020!

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