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Love What You Do Collective Events

Self Empowerment
 September Melbourne Event

The Details:

Thursday August 29th

6.30pm - 9pm

The Exchange Hotel

$30 per person + BF

It takes courage to go after your dreams.

It takes courage to show up for yourself and for what you want.
It takes courage to stand up for yourself and for your mission.

It takes courage to set boundaries & ask for what you want.

It takes courage to put yourself first and not feel guilty.

It takes courage. 

No matter what you do in life, courage is a skill, a quality that we all need to develop. It's a muscle we need to strengthen if we choose to live a full life. 

This event is an opportunity to discuss what it takes to have the courage to believe in yourself, to show up for yourself and your dreams, and to put yourself first.

The Love What You Do Collective Events brings genuine heart-centered women together to talk about life, business, and empowerment. Real and relatable conversations designed to uplift and inspire, connect and share so we can expand our circle of influence and make life long friends.

Each month is a different topic with unique guest speakers designed to explore a new perspective, sharing practical tips, and tools you can take back to your business and life to implement the very next day. 

I believe that tribe and connection is EVERYTHING - especially when you're chasing your dreams. Having people around you who get it, who encourage you and support you. This is why I created the Love What You Do Collective: I want to connect with our local community of heart-centered entrepreneurs, have great conversations and make some magic happen! While there is no doubt we are all amazing individually, there is so much power in the collective.

This event is FOR YOU:

*If you love what you do and want to share what you do with the world
*Want to make meaningful connections with other beautiful women also pursuing their purpose
*Want to step into a life of passion, self-belief & success while in a flow state
*If you enjoy being surrounded by supportive like-minded people cheering you on
*If you want to improve your mindset to evolve into the heart-centered conscious leader you know you can be?

GUEST SPEAKER: Sig (Sugandha) Chapman

Women's Leadership, Wellness Coach, Freedom Strategist and Founder of The Glow Revolution.

Sig is a certified Holistic Health + Mindset coach, writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, aspiring yogi and mama to two cheeky kids, who helps enterprising women reclaim their glow, stop chasing their lives and start leading them. Sig is the founder of The Glow Revolution; built on the belief that if you want to give light to others you must first find the glow within yourself.

Her easy-going, love-infused approach inspires women to shift their mindset and show them how to nourish themselves from the inside out to create more freedom, joy and success to their health, lives and businesses. Sig combines her experience from almost a decade in the corporate world and then in the not for profit sector, holistic wellness and life coaching, running two successful businesses and passion for women’s advocacy to empower women, mothers, and business owners about natural solutions for low-tox living, how to support their emotional wellbeing for success and how to go from surviving to thriving.


Life Purpose Facilitator & Positive Psychology Strengths Coach

Jess Baker has lived an adventurous life, one that has taken her all around the world and into the inner depths of her soul as she searched relentlessly for her inner truth and purpose in life.

She uncovered her purpose of helping humanity to spiritually evolve and is doing so elegantly with her friendly and warm disposition by sharing her amazing story and helping people tap into their own inner truth and power so they can find and follow their purpose with confidence.

She does this through the utilization of a combination of techniques developed by world-leading scientists in positive psychology, coaching and spiritual leaders that she has spent many years studying and applying the techniques to her own life. Jess is someone that walks her talk.

Jess has a degree in Science and is qualified in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of NLP, Accredited Strength Profile Practitioner, Master Practitioner of Matrix Therapies.

​Self Sabotage & Success
 September Event

The Details:

Wednesday September 4th

6.30pm - 9pm

QA Hotel 

King Room

64 James street, New Farm

$35 per person + BF

This interactive workshop-style event is designed to help you uncover the self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from the success you deserve.

What is Self-Sabotage? 

Self-sabotage is negative or destructive behavior that holds you back from achieving your goals, or from having what you want for your life. It’s a behavior that is out of alignment with who you are or who you want to be. These behaviors can sometimes be obvious, but most of the time they are unconscious behaviors that are sneaky AF.

During this event we will be diving into what causes Self Sabotage and there will be two hot seats - Live Coaching for you to overcome what's holding you back.
We will then redefine what success means and what you can do to overcome the fear and self-sabotage so you can move forward!

Are you ready to step out from behind the shadows and start living fully?

HOST: Christine Corcoran - Business Mindset Coach, Speaker, Podcast & Event Host.

Christine Corcoran is a Business Mindset Coach specializing in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs overcome self-sabotage, and up-level their mindset so they can create the business and life of their dreams. She is passionate about seeing people succeed, reaching their fullest potential and creating an amazing business doing what they love!

Christine is a Qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Behavioural Profiler, Hypnotherapist & Leadership & Executive Business Coach.

Love What You Do Collective Events​

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