Hey, I’m Christine

Speaker, Podcaster, Chocolate addict, cat lover and coffee drinker.

I’m also a Business Mindset Coach obsessed with Money Mindset.

I’ve helped countless clients sell out their programs and workshops, raise their prices with confidence and 6 times their businesses in less than 12 months.

My mission in business and life is to get more money into more women’s hands so YOU can experience a sustainable business doing what you love. I believe more money in more women’s hands will make the world a better place.

As a Qualified Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mBraining, Hypnosis & Human Behaviour I’ve helped countless women rid themselves of their money blocks, by working on their Money Energetics and start earning their fullest potential.

I know it may seem impossible to think you can work on your mindset and it shifts everything in your business, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve witnessed time and time again the impact this work can have.

Not only have I gone from being stuck on an income roller coaster, to believing so whole-heartedly in my worth that I tripled my income in 12 months, but I’ve also helped so many of my clients do the same.

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