Are you waiting for permission?

From some one or something to be able to do what you want to do, become who you want to become or say the things you want to say?

Permission isn’t handed out to people who are waiting for it. It’s given to those who demand it and take it without asking.

Why do you think we need permission?

Rules of authority or credibility? In today’s world, being an adult we must learn to create our own inner authority to find the courage and conviction to trust ourselves and give ourself permission.

Approval – Who’s approval are you looking for? Who’s did you crave as a child?

Validation from others – Having mentors and coaches are great ways to expand yourself, but be mindful that you don’t create a co-dependent relationship where you’re always looking externally for the permission to take an action.

Learning to recognize and validate yourself is how you build the inner trust to begin to give yourself permission.

Worrying about what other people think is another form of validation and it also comes back to how you view yourself, how you trust yourself and how you choose other peoples opinions above your own.

The only way to develop your inner trust is to start making decisions for yourself, back yourself 100% and if for any reason, it doesn’t work out, you also take full responsibility and learn from the experience.

When we look to others for the answers it’s easy to fail because it was never our decision in the first place – it’s a form of self-protection.

Practicing self-love is more powerful – Learn to accept and love yourself enough to back your every decision, trust your every move and give yourself the permission to fail and to succeed.