Personal Group Retreats

With Christine 

Bring your team or group of friends in biz together and let me curate a personalised transformational experience for you!

Don't wait for the next retreat or event to be announced, create your own personalised retreat experience with your own personal Coach!

There is something so magical that happens when you bring people together to connect, learn and grow. 

Whether you'd like to bring your group of biz friends together and have a private mastermind experience for your own individual businesses or if you'd like to take your team of employees away to connect with each other and to ignite them with your business vision, a personalised retreat experience could be just what you need. 

 Personal retreats give you and your team/friends to have the space to rejuvenate, recharge, recollect yourself and also allow you to reflect, gain new insights, and brainstorm innovative solutions.

Are you feeling like you have hit a roadblock in your business? Feeling uninspired or unclear on your next steps? The feeling of being in a rut is exhausting, it costs us valuable time that we could be using productively elsewhere. Most people, both individually and within teams, experience these feelings during our careers and it is so important that we take the time to nurture ourselves, realign with our values and open our heart and mind to create the best life for us.

Not only does Christine offer incredible one on one coaching, but she also offers life changing personal and group retreats with the aim to overcome these exact obstacles so many of us find ourselves battling every day. The retreats are curated with Christine by your side, together designing a magical event to perfectly match your intentions. 

While on a retreat, you can expect a beautiful experience. Christine shares her techniques and works with you to discover your best self and purpose. In a group retreat, it is an amazing opportunity to bond with your fellow boss babes, creating an amazing environment to work together and in turn receiving better outcomes for your business. Ultimately, Christine wants to help you and your team to transform your beliefs, align your values, overcome roadblocks and grow! 

So, are you wanting to develop a stronger, more connected relationship with yourself and your team? Yes? We see you! 

Why not put yourself first, or bring everyone together and join Christine on an empowering experience where she will facilitate a magical weekend of self exploration, personal and business growth led by her guidance and expertise. You will leave with your mind, body and soul feeling energised and with a deeper connection to yourself, confident to make the next steps in your business journey.

One Day

Choose the length of time that suits you and share what you'd like to walk away with me and let me curate a beautiful experience that will have you and your team/friends feeling rejuvenated and inspired

Two or Three days

Need a little longer to getaway to truly disconnect to reconnect? 

With more time to incorporate more personal and business growth, disconnect from everyday business life to recharge and reinspire you and your team/friends to take on your next big goals!

Thrive in your business

Taking yourself out of your every day life in business allows you to fully step back and get a full picture of your business and where you want to take it.  You cannot change what you cannot see. Gain a clear direction of the steps you need to take to move things to the next level. 

Team Building & Leadership 

Are your team feeling a little disconnected with each other and the vision for your business? Is it time to reconnect and improve the communication, motivation and drive of each team member so you can all work together harmoniously?

I absolutely loved every part of the weekend and I'm really excited to move forward in creating the business of my dreams.”


Find a time the works for you and your team/friends to get away and design a magical personal retreat on your terms.


Whether it's rainforest or beachfront, you choose where you can feel relaxed, connected to nature and feel comfortable to work on your business in a rejuvenating environment.

I can help you choose these locations or you can do your own research and booking. 

Sit back and relax

Bring everyone together and allow me to facilitate a magical weekend of self exploration, personal and business growth curated with your guidance and my expertise. 

What Others Say


"Thank you for such a magical weekend. Buzzed all the way home. Amazing place, people, food and energy. 

Learnt so much and feeling very grateful.

I"ve come away feeling energised and grateful. I feel like I've found my tribe.

I absolutely loved every part of the weekend and I'm really excited to move forward in creating the business of my dreams."


 / Business Coach 


"I feel like I've been validated, that I'm on the right track and that I have a clear direction of the steps I need to take to move things to the next level. 

I've never felt in such a safe space to  be able share so openly and freely and I appreciate that. "


/Financial Advisor


" I love that you have nurtured us mind, body and spirit. You provided us with such great content and you shared so much of yourself and your knowledge. 

I so enjoyed being coached by you, I so enjoyed the content you provided, you managed to bring it to me in way I could understand it and absorb it. 

What made it so special was that you gave us the content, you allowed us to be vulnerable, you coached us through it and at the end you really brought it back together so we didn't feel left out in the cold not knowing what to do next.

You helped us integrate back into ourselves with an action plan and feeling good about ourselves to do those actions."


/ Money Coach


I'm a Business Mindset Coach specialising in helping heart centred entrepreneurs overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so they can up level their mindset and create the business and life of their dreams. 

I'm a Qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Behavioural Profiler, mBit Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Leadership & Executive Business Coach and I'm passionate about seeing people succeed, reaching their fullest potential and creating an amazing business doing what they love!

I've travelled the world visiting more than 50+ countries and have worked in multiple different careers such as Sales, Marketing, Retail, Customer Service, Travel and the beauty industry! 

I now call Brisbane, Australia home where I have created an incredible network of beautiful boss babes who love what they do and continue to strive for greatness!

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" I feel blessed to be a part of such a special group of women, sharing such an incredible experience. The direction, clarity and support you've given us all was amazing.

I am so excited about my business moving forward!"

- Sarah

Financial Advisor

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