How motivated do you feel in your business? 

In the beginning, we use PAIN to motivate us and drive us to take action, then we get to a point where we’ve reached a certain level of achievement or income and we get comfortable and the motivation drops because the pain has gone away. This is the journey most business owners go on until they learn to shift their focus and motivate themselves through pleasure rather than pain.

224 – The Energetics of Money ( special announcement )

Is your money energy off? Could you be repelling it? Have you stopped attracting it?

Today’s episode is all about our energetics of money, how it’s created and how to shift it, plus I share a very exciting announcement!

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222 – Pushing through your income ceiling

Do you feel like you’re pushing up against an income ceiling? Maybe you’re trying to hit the 10k or 20k months and are just getting frustrated with it because you just can’t seem to reach it. Then you might be pushing up against an income ceiling in your mind. Today we’re going to talk about:

  • Where does the income ceiling come from
  • How to recognize it.
  • What fears could be perpetuating it
  • How you need to change your mindset at different levels of business growth

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220 – I’ve had a good month, can I do it again? (Maintaining Success)

Cue the self-doubt! Sometimes in business, we hit certain milestones and can get into a state of fear and doubt about whether we are capable of achieving those levels again. The reason you fear it won’t happen again is that you may not know exactly what you did to make it happen. Especially if you’ve got really good at doing all of the things and not stopping to measure what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Plus there’s a sneaky little word we use that kills your self belief in your ability! You’ve got to stop using it now!

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