117 – Embracing our seasons with Alisha Rose Kruger, Menstrual cycle coach, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care™ Practitioner

Cycle Awareness The inner seasons and how to use your seasons more effectively Harnessing our seasonal powers to create more ease, flow and success in life How to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally in each season How to track your cycle to use the energy for higher impact and magnetism How to plan ahead and embrace your cycle

112 – Your triggers are controlling you

A trigger is something that sets off an emotional response in you. You may get angry, annoyed, upset, frustrated. You may react with judgment, avoidance, or apathy. Either way, if something is triggering an emotional response in you, that trigger is an indicator that there is an internal conflict or an unresolved issue that needs to be addressed. And if you don’t address it, it will continue to control you.

111 – Thriving through hard times

Today on the podcast, I will be sharing about a difficult time I went through in my business and how I pulled myself through with new lessons and a new perspective. Thriving through hard times is all about managing your mind and changing what you focus on. Easier said than done, yes, but definitely doable. Learning to change your thoughts and taking the lessons that come through challenges is what makes a great business owner, with a sustainable and successful future.