23 – Is your money enabling you or controlling you? With Lea Schodel from The Mindful Wealth Movement

Lea Schodel is CEO of Wellthy Pty Ltd and the founder of The mindful wealth movement. Lea has 17 years’ experience in financial advice, combined with qualifications in wellness coaching, money coaching, yoga teaching and writing. Lea is passionate about financial well-being and teaching women to manage money in a holistic, meaningful and creative way. She runs online programs, face to face workshops and wealth & well-being retreats which incorporate personal finance, mindfulness, yoga, well being and personal development.

In 2016, Lea was named the Money Management’s Young Achiever of the Year.

In 2017, she won the AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice award. Lea’s work has also been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, Wanderlust, YogiTimes, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

As a social enterprise, The Mindful Wealth Movement’s aim is to empower women with the mindset, skills and confidence to better manage their relationship with money, reduce financial stress and create happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

On today’s episode we discuss all things money and purpose including:

  • What is your definition of success?
  • Is money enabling you or controlling you?
  • How to have self awareness around money
  • What is an abundance mindset?
  • Understanding when you can manage yourself, you can manage your money better
  • How to view debt from an abundance mindset
  • What is good debt and limiting debt?
  • Are you expanding your future or limiting it due to money?
  • What to do when starting out in business
  • Don’t limit yourself by only looking within your own industry
  • Understanding money patterns and beliefs


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Here is the book Lea was talking about:

The Four Agreements – Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Body Keeps the Score – Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Book by Bessel van der Kolk


Here’s to health, wealth and happiness,


Love Christine

22 – How to deal with stress and worry

What is stress and how do we handle it? Stress is the number 1 cause of death, health implications, depression, anxiety and marriage breakdowns. So how can we handle it better?

Today’s episode we talk about:


  • What happens in the brain when we are stressed
  • How our ability to choose one thought over another is a great way to reduce our stress levels
  • Focusing on what you can control rather than what is out of your control
  • 99% of things we worry about never happen
  • Is stress a habit?
  • What mindfulness practices can help reduce our stress levels
  • How can we use our core needs to reduce our stress
  • Change your state and change your life

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21- How are you protecting your time?

How are you protecting your time?
Do you know how to say no?
How are you being distracted and holding yourself back from achieving your goals?
Let’s consider how you protect and use your time for best productivity and focus for goal achievement.

How important is your time? Are you being distracted or productive?

If you are unhappy with an area of your life – consider how you are currently spending your time in that area.

In this age of distraction, how are you choosing to be distracted and what is that costing you?

Here are some of my tips and tricks on how to protect your time:

  • Choosing what is important to you
  • Learning to say NO
  • Prioritizing
  • Hour of Power
  • Automate your responses
  • Reduce or turn off distractions and notifications
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Learning to set up boundaries

I hope this is a great use of your time 🙂


20 – We came here for a reason – with Terry Hawkins, Founder & CEO of People in Progress, Best Selling Author, Business Educator & Speaker

On today’s episode I had the privilege of speaking with Terry Hawkins, CEO & Founder of People in Progress, Best Selling Author, Business Educator and Speaker. She is a masterful educator in attitudinal and mindset change, cutting edge sales techniques, leadership development, temperament theories and relationship connectors, and communication strategies to name but a few. She has spoken to every industry imaginable using her uncanny ability to relate to any audience and her gifted simplicity to assist in the evolution of corporations and the people within those corporations.

Terry is also a bestselling author and well-established businesswoman. Her training company People In Progress Global was founded in 1989 and 28 years on it continues to be a leader in the delivery of high impact, results based learning. Having personally presented to over hundreds of thousands of people, Terry knows what works and what doesn’t work when getting results through education and her team of dynamic trainers continue to deliver her benchmark programs that People In Progress Global has become renowned.

There is so much goodness in this episode, but here are just a few takeaways:

  • Every pain that you’ve had expands your heart and sometimes we need  to go through the pain, get over it, learn the lessons and take the time to integrate
  • Getting past the business basics and getting back to the human side of people.
  • Understanding that we need to lift people up to get the best out of them
  • It’s important that we learn to disconnect from our story or past trauma to move forward in life
  • We came here for a reason – it doesn’t matter what happened
  • The difference between empathy and sympathy  – empathy is the action of compassion and sympathy is where you buy in to the other persons pain.
  • Understanding Empathy and sympathy to handle conflict
  • The top three traits to being a great leader:
    • Always look like you know what you’re doing
    • Be kind
    • Do the right thing
  • When we hear a NO – sometimes it’s meant to be to and learning to be ok with that
  • We are impacting people in 3 seconds
  • Relationships in business  are all about being truthful and being able to sit in that truth
  • The importance of honouring your business values through to the people who are on the front line
  • When a companies values & mission are delivered well to their people (the tribe) – The tribe keeps the tribe honest
  • Be clear on your purpose
  • Profit is a buy product of the tribe honouring the purpose, vision and values of the business
  • Having the courage to step away from what is not your strengths
  • New Year Resolutions– who do you want to be in the next 12 months? When you look back on 2018 – what do you want to be remembered for?

Terry Hawkins is a powerhouse woman with a big heart and a passion for people and she kindly delves into what makes people tick and I thank her for her honesty, compassion and beautiful humour.

*The Ace Test – An ACE score is a tally of different types of abuse, neglect, and other hallmarks of a rough childhood. According to the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, the rougher your childhood, the higher your score is likely to be and the higher your risk for later health problems.

*The book Terry mentioned was  – Principles by Ray Dalio

For more information regarding Terry Hawkins or People in Progress – check out these websites /https://peopleinprogressglobal.com/ &  https://terryhawkins.com/

I trust you will love this episode.

With Love, Christine


19 – An incredible 2018 starts with You! With Kirsten Morrison

Happy New Year!!  What an amazing year 2017 was!!

Jump on with my friend and fellow coach Kirsten Morrison as we chat all about 2017 and the lessons we have learnt along this journey of self development, entrepreneurship and finding our purpose.

We talk all things:

  • Purpose
  • Goal and intention setting
  • Happiness is an inside job
  • Working on yourself rather than changing the external to make your happy
  • Embodying the knowledge
  • Being aware the content you’re consuming
  • Honouring your own word
  • Finding the joy in everyday

To follow Kirsten and her journey   – INSTAGRAM and Facebook

To be a part of her 5 Day Empowerment Challenge – Check out more here:

5 Days To Empowerment Challenge 

A couple of other things we mentioned:

The Bridge Experience  – Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles

The Life Coach School Podcast -Brooke Castillo

Here’s to an incredible 2018!


18 – Merry Christmas & Festive Season Expectations

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What do you have planned? Spending time with Family and Friends?

  • Manage your expectations to maximise your enjoyment
  • Setting intentions for each experience
  • Decide ahead of time what matters
  • Decide how you can show up that will be more effective
  • How to deal with loneliness at this time of the year

Have an amazing Christmas!


Keep an eye out for my 2018 Goals Challenge for the New Year!



17 – Cut the Noise with Chris Helder, International Motivational Speaker and Author

Guest Mr Chris Helder – International Motivational Speaker & Author.

Chris is one of today’s highest booked motivational speakers, with 16 years experience he has presented his high-impact presentation over 2000 times to audiences around the world.  Best selling author of three books – The Ultimate book of influence, Useful Belief and new release – Cut the Noise.

On today’s episode we cover:

  • How to have a Useful belief because positive thinking doesn’t work
  • How to lead with Love not Fear
  • How to use Useful Belief to stay present, to achieve success and happiness
  • Why we all need to “Cut the noise” to live happier lives
  • How Energy is our decision
  • His top tips to living a successful life
  • New Years Resolutions – don’t set yourself up to fail
  • His 10 Seconds of Guilt technique

Chris Helder is on a mission to help us eliminate guilt from our lives, bringing us back to gratitude to allow us to see the beauty in the everyday.

You can check out his books and more about Chris Helder here:


Best selling Author of:

The Ultimate Book of Influence – Best Seller, translated into 5 languages

Useful Belief – Because positive thinking doesn’t work.

Cut the Noise – Accelerated Focus, Circles of Importance, and 10 Seconds of Guilt Technique

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!


16- Money Mindset Part 2

Money Mindset Part 2 – let’s take this even further – what are your beliefs about what is possible?

On today’s episode we cover:

 How do you determine your income?
How valuable are you in your job or business?
How can you add more value?
How do you spend your time around money?
How can we be more resourceful and open ourselves up to new opportunities?
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Please enjoy today’s episode:

15 – Money Mindset Part 1

What’s your money story? How do you treat money in your life? What does it mean to you and those around you?

Money can control so much of our lives – we either don’t have enough of it or when we have it we don’t know how to keep it. Money is just a form of energy that we exchange for something of value.

Could the way you think about money be pushing it out of your life? Could changing your beliefs around money allow you to welcome more money in?  Let’s explore this….

On today’s episode, we cover:

what is your money story?
What is a money belief and how do we change it?
What are your thoughts around money and are they even your thoughts?
How can we change how we treat money and welcome more into our lives?
I would love to hear your money beliefs and the new mantras you create – please share with me on facebook here:


14 – Taking the Mystery out of Marketing with Linda MacDonald from Business2One

On today’s episode, I had the privilege to speak and pick the brain of Marketing Director from Business2One, Linda MacDonald.

Linda is internationally respected marketing, communications and community engagement leader. She is regarded as a leading authority on digital strategy, social media and the use of LinkedIn for business.

With a fierce commitment to learning, Linda maintains membership with a range of organisations including Women On Boards, Australian Marketing Institute, Australian Association of Social Marketing, and the International Association of Business Communicators.

On today’s episode we talk about how to have a marketing strategy for your business and how to be flexible in the execution and all these great areas:


– Getting to know your audience by tapping into their language for better engagment

– Website and Social Media platforms and what works best to create an authentic conversation

– How marketing and branding go together like a marriage

– How to improve your interaction on social media  with the Golden Rule of posting

– Content ideas and how to tell your brand story

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help

– How to hire for business success



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