150 – Conscious Decisions

Where are you ‘NOT” making a conscious decision? Which decisions in your life and business have fallen into the “that’s just the way it is” or “it’s out of my control” basket?

Every day we’ve stopped making conscious decisions and have taken certain results at face value. We’ve stopped challenging ourselves to re-decide what we want for our lives and for our businesses. Powerful and conscious decisions support our growth and innovation in how we do business and how we show up in our lives.

A decision is to cut off other options, to go all in, yet often we’re not consciously deciding what we want for our lives and we just go about life the same way we did it yesterday.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then it’s all in making conscious decisions.

6 Simple ways to Stop the Overwhelm

Ever felt overwhelmed and struggled to move through it? Of course you have, you’re human. We all experience overwhelm from everyday life to business. We all experience it for a multitude of reasons and to overcome it, we need to understand why we experience it.

According to  cognitive psychologist George A. Miller of Harvard University‘s, our brains only have the capacity to process 5-7 chunks of information at a time. That’s it. No wonder we get a sense of overwhelm in our every day world where we’re expected to be on top of everything at the same time as taking on millions of bits on information every day.

We are constantly bombarded with information every hour, every minute of every day and our brains are calling out for breathing room while we scroll through social media, run a business, interact with people online, plan our lives and try not to say yes to too many things.

Here are my 6 simple ways to stop the overwhelm.


Mentally as well as actually take a break where you’re not consuming.

Firstly, if we are learning something new, trying to problem solve a bad situation or just adding  too many things to your plate, then give yourself a break from judging that feeling of overwhelm.

There is a constant expectation from society that we have to have it all together all the time and if we’re overwhelmed, it’s an indication that we don’t. This is a myth. Overwhelm is an indication that you’re overwhelmed ( that our brain is trying to process more than possible right now), that’s it.

Give your brain a break from processing so much information by taking a mini detox in consuming. That means, no Netflix, no phone, no music, nothing. Just space to process and day dream. When was the last time you stopped and just gave yourself the space to just BE?

A while I’d imagine. Whether it be starting your day with meditation, 10 minutes of daydreaming throughout the day or an hour on your own with a cup of tea before bed, is totally up to you.

Whatever works for you, just give yourself the space to just be and your brain will process and find it’s equilibrium again.


When we are learning something new, putting ourselves in a new situation or pushing our brains to expand with new thinking or knowledge, taking on too much purposefully, then give yourself the acknowledgment that you are going to feel overwhelmed, and that’s OK.

Remember how I said your brain can only hold up to 5-7 chunks of information? If you’re pushing it to process more with learning, problem solving or holding onto to many to-do’s. then you can expect to feel overwhelm, but piling on top of that overwhelm with judgment and guilt for feeling it is only causing you more suffering. There is no reason to judge yourself for a normal emotional response to taking on too much, this is your sign to know that you have either taken on too much or you’re growing and learning.

Overwhelm and confusion are a normal part of learning and growing. It’s OK to feel it, just choose to become aware to what is causing the overwhelm rather than drowning in the emotion that is there to remind you that you need to slow down, process or say no.


Sometimes, we fall into a pit of overwhelm because something has tipped the scales in what we believe we can handle or we’re worried about something more specific.

When you’re experiencing overwhelm see if you can pinpoint which 1-2 things are causing the majority of the overwhelm. Is it that phone call you don’t want to make? Is it because you’ve said yes to something you wanted to say no to because you’re scared to say no and set a clear boundary with someone?

Are you dreading a bad outcome? Do you feel that 1 or 2 things are going to be time consuming or difficult to do?

Pinpoint those 1-2 things and ask yourself – What is it about these things that is causing me to feel overwhelmed? Are you fearful of what may happen?

Are you avoiding it because it seems difficult, uncomfortable or painful? Understanding why you feel overwhelmed may help you to find a different solution to be able to move forward.

Then it’s about spending uninterrupted and a focused 10 minutes on the main thing that’s causing you the overwhelm to see how much you can work through.

You’d be surprised how much taking action and working on the solution can help you release the overwhelmed feeling.


What’s the mindset you’re having about what’s on your plate? Our thoughts create our emotions, so if we’re feeling overwhelmed, I’m sure there is some thoughts you’re having about your list of to-do’s that goes something like this: I can’t handle this , I don’t know what to do ,I don’t have the time , It’s too hard

Sound familiar? Often we can think it’s the task or circumstance that is causing the overwhelm, when really it’s the way we’re thinking out the task or circumstance.

Have a think again about the task or circumstance that  is causing you overwhelm and bring awareness to your thoughts about it. Are you using limiting language? Are you telling yourself you can’t handle it?

When I find myself in a state of overwhelm, I often find my thoughts have fallen into a spiral of out of control language and as soon as I shift from statements about the problem and refocus my attention to what the solution may be I can then begin to ask more empowering questions like:

How could I handle this?

What’s my next best step?

What could I handle? ( if I don’t think I have the time, how much time could I set aside to work on the problem? )

How could I make this easier?

When we shift our mindset to the solution and then choose to spend productive time on working through the problem the overwhelm starts to dissipate because we have gone from thinking it is out of our control to being in control again. Then when we can take back control of our thinking we can shift from problem to solution and make progress to moving past it.


Want to not feel overwhelmed anymore? Say no more than you say yes. It can be that simple, but in today’s world it may not be that easy.

If you think you say yes to too much then it may be worthwhile working on these two things:

Re-evaluate what is important to you and your life and setting clear boundaries.

When you are unclear on your goals and what’s important to you, it’s easier to say yes to things because you don’t realise what you’re missing out on. When you’re clear on exactly what YOU want and what you’d like to be spending your time on, when someone asks you to do something, you can reflect on what saying yes would cost you.

How are you at setting boundaries? People treat us the way we allow them to treat us and if you’re starting to become resentful or feel underappreciated, it’s about time you review how confident you are at setting boundaries.
Boundaries don’t have to be about telling the other person NO, it’s about communicating that you currently do not have the space or time to take on the task. You don’t have to explain yourself or say sorry, you just have to communicate your unavailability.


Lastly, where you direct your focus is where you’re going to go. If you’re focused on the problem and the overwhelm you’ll only create more problems and overwhelm.

When you’re focused on the solution you can focus on moving forward toward the problem being resolved.

What’s your next best step?

By simply using this question at every crossroads or any time you experience the rise of overwhelm you can continue to focus on moving forward. Whatever the overwhelming task or circumstance is, focus on how you want things to go. The more you focus on a positive outcome the easier it is to move forward toward it.

Next time you’re experiencing the dreaded sense of overwhelm, apply one of these 6 ways and support yourself with overcoming the overwhelm in a way that supports your growth and expansion.

Here’s to overwhelm free days…:)

149 – Handling Feedback

How well do you handle criticism? Do you struggle with receiving feedback?

Handling criticism and learning to welcome feedback is an essential part in developing a growth mindset and being successful in your business.

Today on the podcast, I’ll take you through why learning to be comfortable receiving feedback is beneficial for the growth of your business, who to look to for feedback, and how to not take it personally.

Join us on May 20th as I take the Love What You Do Collective Events Virtual!


148 – Next Level Collaborations with Jess Ruhfus, Founder of Collabosaurus

What makes for a great collaboration? How do you use collaboration to grow your business? Ever considered what brands look for in a successful collaboration?

Jess Ruhfus is the Founder of Collabosaurus, a marketing platform that match-makes brands for clever collaborations & partnerships. With a background in fashion publicity and marketing education, Jess was frustrated sourcing cool brand partnerships in events, products & social media. So, she launched Collabosaurus in 2015, which has now attracted over 6500+ brands including Porsche, ASOS, Olay, Topshop & one of the largest global retailers in the U.S. Jess won the 2019 B&T 30 Under 30 award in Entrepreneurship, & has spoken for Apple, Vogue, General Assembly, ADMA & The College of Event Management.

Our conversation today covers:

  • What brands look for in a collaboration
  • What’s important to consider for a Win-Win collaboration
  • How to create a mutual beneficial collaboration
  • The difficult decisions you must make in business to thrive
  • The biggest ideas can come from the lowest of low experiences

To find out more about Collabosaurus – head here:


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147 – Overwhelm & Guilt-free time off

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the changes happening in your world?It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with everything changing and with so much uncertainty, so today I wanted to share with you the purpose of overwhelm and how to work your way through to the other side. Once you’re over the overwhelm it’s time to talk about having guilt-free time out of your business so you can recharge and we as understanding why we experience guilt when we’re doing something other than working on our business. And it’s all about what you decide.

146 – The self work of Conscious Leadership with Rosie Chehade, Leadership Coach and Mentor

Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is an Internationally Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Wellbeing Coach, Master Mentor, and Speaker in the Coaching and Consciousness industry. She is also the creator of Rise + THRIVE, a Transformational mastermind for women in Leadership.

Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women + business owners reclaim their health and wholeness, magnify their impact, and rise in success.

She is a spiritual advisor and business strategist for CEOs and conscious entrepreneurs and has personally supported hundreds of people around the world to transform their health, businesses, and lives.

Rosie is dedicated to women’s empowerment and leads transformational group intensives and workshops, as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally.

Her principle focus in life is to support people in awakening to their wholeness and lead more open, happy and fulfilling lives.

Our conversation covers:

  • Our identity is attached to our titles and our jobs and to make change
  • Using this time to question what was working and what wasn’t
  • Questioning the level of self-worth when showing up online and to be the conscious leader within
  • Doing the mindset work to shed the layers of self doubt to be the leader you want to be
  • The 4 types of Impostor Syndrome
  • Overcoming the mindset of lack and scarcity
  • Maybe pivoting is actually going within to do the self-work
  • Being willing to question your beliefs

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145 – “What If” Anxiety

Do you get caught up in all the What IF stories and spiral into anxious thoughts and feelings?

Does it keep you stuck and frustrated, just wishing that you could change the way you felt?

Practiced thought patterns that spiral out of control can keep us procrastinating or stuck in a place of fear, worrying about all the what ifs:

What if this happened

What if I hadn’t done this, what if I had done this, what if this goes wrong

What if it’s a flop, what if I’m judged, what if I’m seen as a failure again

When you’ve processed your emotions in a healthy way there is no built up resistance to emotions

What if those anxious feelings we were experiencing was a form of self protection and a call for self love?

What if you viewed your anxiety with self love and compassion instead of Self judgement and anger?

Let’s talk about the why this time is the perfect time to dive deeper into what’s causing the anxious thoughts so you can process your emotions and play a positive What If story of the future.

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144 – Leading with Heart

The world is resetting. We’re taking the much needed time out to recharge and reevaluate what is important.

As a human race we have lost our way, we so busy trying to achieve the next thing and the next thing, needing to buy every material belonging that we think will make us feel better, for more status or significance. We have lost track of what is important and this pandemic is helping us hit the reset button.

For too long we have been leading with our heads

So far out of alignment with our  heart and what’s important

Looking outside of ourselves for the answers

Ignoring our feelings and sweeping our problems under the rug

The ego’s identity has been so caught up in creating an “image” of it’s 201Cself that makes you feel “worthy” in the world, whereas all it has been creating is more disconnection.

Disconnection with our selves, disconnection with our inner world and disconnection with faith and disconnection with a higher power.
We’ve lost connection with our own inner guidance and lost our connection with hearts.

You are not going to be who you are after this, it’s time to reevaluate what’s important and decide who you want to be after all this is said and done.

We’ve been so far out of alignment for too long that this situation is shining a light on what we need to do to get back into alignment and lead with heart.

Today’s episode is all about resetting from the old paradigm and deciding to lead from the heart once all of this is said and done.

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143 – Bypassing Emotions

This is an emotional time, with so much fear and uncertainty going on in the world, the way we manage our emotions is being highlighted. If we are ones to bypass or avoid our emotions, we are left feeling low, exhausted and highly emotional.

Otherwise, we resort to buffering to avoid our emotions through alcohol, eating, bingeing on Netflix and anything excessive. Today on the podcast I want you to give yourself a break. If you aren’t feeling emotional right now, I would be worried about you. Take this time to process your emotions in a healthy way rather than bypass or buffer. Here I take you through how to do that and how to be aware when you’re buffering or bypassing.

142 – Using your isolation time wisely

How are you finding the self isolation? Going a little stir crazy? Working from home and struggling to stay productive? Yeah I hear you! I love to stay productive and I am considering how I want to use this downtime wisely to make sure that I come out better the other end. Personally and professionally.

What do you need to consider?

What skills do you need to upskill in to come out better the other end?

What systems and processes need to be updated?

What policies and procedures do I need to put in place?

What new offerings could I create?

What personal habits can I improve?

If we use this time for upleveling we can come out the other end of this crisis better for it.