238 – Empowering your Marketing with Hayley & Katy from OH MY DIGITAL

Do you hate marketing? Running a business and figuring out your marketing can get super frustrating sometimes. Today’s podcast interview is with the beautiful girls from Oh My Digital, a Digital marketing agency who is like your work wife; easy to work with, ready to listen to your problems, and give knowledgeable advice when you need it.

They love a cheeky pun, chocolate, dogs & helping businesses grow with no BS digital marketing advice and strategy. Some say they spend too much time using social media. They say they’re just perfecting their craft. Either way, they know social, they know digital marketing and they know what works. They stay on the pulse of digital marketing trends so that you don’t have to.
Katy is the content queen and brand voice chameleon who uses her storytelling skills to connect businesses with their dream customers. She’s worked across a wide range of industries including non-profit, fashion and tech. Today she helps small businesses and start-ups build their brand online and grow their business through digital marketing. She loves dogs, coffee and trap music (in no particular order).Hayley is the pro at strategy, big ideas and data. She has been working in the marketing industry for over 10 years, mainly in the retail and agency space, specialising in digital marketing. Her passion for coming up with unique strategies for small businesses and startups to implement and use to build their businesses makes her a unique part of the Oh My Digital team. Her other loves include her cocker spaniel, horror movies, red wine and her ridiculous pink Toyota Yaris.Between us they have 15+ years experience in marketing, communications, journalism and digital spanning across a range of industries including non-profit, retail, automotive, professional services and startups.Our conversation covers:

  • A new way to look at marketing so you feel empowered
  • Relationship marketing
  • The purpose of having marketing goals
  • Blocking out the noise to stay on track
  • What’s changed in marketing in the last 12months
  • Where you should be focusing your time
  • Being self-aware of your marketing messages
  • The most important platform you use and how to improve it
  • Planning for the worst-case scenario
  • How to make your email marketing engaging
  • How to deal with the algorithm changes

To find out more about OH MY DIGITAL click hereCheck out the Oh My Digital MembershipAnd be sure to connect with them on Instagram here.

236 – Learning to Surrender

For the month of March, after having a huge beginning of the year, I decided to take a break from hitting goals. Normally, I sit down every Sunday and set Business and personal goals for the week ahead, in relation to my bigger 90 day, 1 year goals and it has been a powerful and enjoyable part of living an extraordinary life, but when I sat down at the beginning of March, I just couldn’t bring myself to set new goals. I was being called to surrender.So here are the lessons I learned while not setting goals for the month:

  • Be careful where you attach your worthiness to doing
  • It’s OK to rest
  • Trust the universe
  • Trust in what you have created to support you
  • Resist the urge to do what you’ve always done
  • A new level of Liberation
  • Surrender is possible, but not easy

234 -Aligning with marketing with your mission and allowing yourself to truly be you in your business with Suki Van K, Competition Nerd & Founder of Origami Globe

Suki van K, Marketing Maverick and rebel with a cause, Founder of Origami Globe and Suki Van K.Different by name and different by nature, her mission is to show you how marketing can be different, how marketing should be easy, and what it looks like when you throw out the BS templates, complicated Trello boards, and ‘tried and true’ methods to just be you in your business.
Suki works with purpose-driven, passion-led, men and women on a mission;The fire-starters, trail-blazers, cheer-leaders, rights-advocators, freedom-seekers, leap-takers, and world-changers to help you find your unique voice and put your marketing on cruise control.If you’re ready to rid yourself of frustration and speak from a place of passion; if you’re ready to leave behind the restriction of shitty marketing templates, for the freedom of saying what you really want to say and if you’re craving real conversation, connection and collaboration with the people you’re here to help, you’re ready to embrace the marketing maverick in you.Conversation covers:

  • Attraction Marketing
  • How to find what aligns with you
  • Doing marketing in unique ways
  • Defining what success means to you
  • Shifting from scarcity to abundance mindset
  • The impact your relationship with money can have on your business
  • Square pegs in round holes
  • Allowing yourself to just be you in your business
  • What coaching with Christine is really like

To find out more about Suki – Follow her here Suki (@sukivank) • Instagram photos and videos or here The Home Of Competitions (@origamiglobe) • Instagram photos and videosYou can also check out her sites here: sukivank.com / origamiglobe.com

232 – Permission to do it your way with Kirsten Morrison

Kirsten Morrison is an Empowerment Coach guiding women to break up with their inherited self and claim their authentic, inherent self. She is the host of the EXPRESSED. podcast, an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator and alchemises it all through the lens of Human Design. It’s her mission to support women to remember their magnificence. She’s a stand for radical self belief, self trust, authenticity and amplifying your gifts to create the impact your soul came here to create. By using the incredible foundation of human design, she supports you to do it in a way that is energetically aligned for YOUR unique blueprint and no one else’s. Because your way is the only way – you ARE the exception to the rule, because you’re exceptional.

On today’s conversation we talk about:

  • The importance of doing the somatic bodywork as well as mindset
  • Doing business your way
  • The difference between Breathwork and general breathing patterns
  • What Human design is and how it could impact you in your business
  • The 5 energy types of Human Design
  • How to use Human Design to make decisions based on your energy type
  • Consistency and strategy in business based on your energy type
  • How to give yourself the permission to do business your way

To learn more about Kirsten head here: Kirsten Morrison Co

To book a Human Design Reading with Kirsten – Click here