208 – When is the right time to raise your prices?

One of the biggest challenges I see female business owners struggle with is the knowing when to raise their prices and along with it, being able to overcome the fears of losing clients because of it

It can be the biggest thing holding you back in your business, listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn when the right time to raise your prices is?

I cover:

  • Overcoming the fears of increasing your prices
  • What indicators to look out for
  • Understanding your client’s value and commitment thresholds
  • How a scarcity mindset may be keeping you playing small


Why is change and growth so hard? Every new stage of growth is requiring a new version of yourself which is calling you to step up and develop a new way of being.

At some stage, we need to make the choice to choose to grow or to resist and avoid it.

We’re always being called to grow- it’s how we approach it that makes it hard.

204 – People, Processes & Productivity with ANGELA PROFFITT- Award-winning 8 -figure entrepreneur & CEO of GSD Creative

Angela Proffitt is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur and CEO of GSD Creative. She is no stranger to the spotlight and is currently the host of the Business Unveiled podcast. As a
consultant with several books as well as an in-demand speaker, Angela has appeared on ABC, CMT, TLC, E! as well as other national networks. With a degree in psychology and proven expertise in productivity strategies that scale your business, her work has been featured in publications such as INC, Success, US Weekly & People magazine. When she is not speaking, writing, or creating content, Angela can be found working with other CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs and/or Solopreneurs to implement and master processes that can turn any business, into a profitable business.

Our conversation covers:

  • The psychology model you can use to improve your communication with clients, employees and understand yourself better
  • Leadership is all about self-awareness
  • The biggest time wasters all businesses struggle with
  • How to free up your time
  • How to read a clients mind before meeting them
  • Best ways to create processes in a business
  • Top productivity hacks &
  • Where you need to start to take your business to the next level

To check out the True Colours Tool – https://angelaproffitt.com/personalityactivity

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200 – 3 steps to Profitable Revenue Growth with Jen Waterson from Simply Smarter Numbers

Jen Waterson is the founder of Simply Smarter Numbers.  A business profit consultant, speaker and podcaster, Jen helps business owners make more profit and take back their time.  Jen has been working with business owners for the past 20 years as a CPA, CFO and CEO.  Today, Jen works with ambitious service based business owners who are ready to think big, re-write their own rules and take action to build a lifestyle they’d love.

Jen has a knack for making numbers simple and practical.  Jen can show you exactly which numbers you need to know to fast-track your growth, control your cashflow and make sure you have enough time and money leftover to enjoy the lifestyle you want. 

Our conversation covers:

  • The Elegant Business Model and what it is.
  • 3 steps to profitable revenue growth.
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when growing
  • The power of knowing your numbers
  • Why you should set Lifestyle goals then profit goals then revenue goals.
  • Finding the right revenue stream
  • Wrapping the Numbers Around Those Revenue Streams

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