198 – How to make long lasting change

So you’ve read all the books, taken the courses, and been a part of all the group programs and you still feel like you’re not making the changes you’d like to make?

Doing all the conscious work externally can only do so much, it’s not until we work with the subconscious mind that we’re able to make long-lasting change.

Today I share with you my experience with the Rise Up Conference and the deep work that it takes to be make long lasting change.

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196 – Aligning your business with your values to attract what you want with Kady O’Connell, Business Strategy Expert from Kady Creative

With over a decade in the creative industry, Kady O Connell has built Business
Branding Agency, Kady Creative with a fiery dedication for empowering
entrepreneurs to realise their vision and translate their purpose into a
strategic brand that connects and converts.

Kady believes that the best brands don’t have to sell because they connect so
deeply with their audience that they become magnets. With her signature
brand growth method her and her team help ambitious entrepreneurs
combine data-driven insights with beautiful design to build brands that draw
people in by blending a refined mix of art, storytelling and strategy.
Along the way, Kady has helped build the brands of over 100 leading
businesses internationally.
Kady is available as a spokesperson for entrepreneurship and branding to
share her insights on building a strategic brand, creating powerful websites
and crafting click-worthy content.

Our conversation covers:

  • How our personal values affect our business
  • How our values impact our brand & feel of our business
  • How you implement your values into your services and business day-to-day
  • Finding a perfect fit of ideal clients based on your values
  • People pleasing and servicing the wrong clients
  • Protecting your boundaries around your purpose and values

To connect with Kady you can find her here:



194 – Trademarks, contacts & your legals made easy with Riz McDonald from Foundd Legal

Riz McDonald is a lawyer with over 16 years of experience, and after working many years as both a lawyer and as the founder of an ecommerce business of her own, she discovered that there were a huge number of amazing designers, creatives and fellow entrepreneurs out there who had fantastic ideas and business models, but had no access to the legal ins and outs that are imperative to running a fully legitimate, successful and protected business. 

Riz was inspired to start Foundd Legal as a way to make all of that boring, scary, overwhelming legal stuff both accessible and affordable for entrepreneurs, creatives and designers, so they can have the best shot possible of creating a legal, lucrative, kick-arse brand and business.

Riz is passionate about providing practical tips, tricks and legal resources – minus the legalese and billable hourly rate. Riz is more than a virtual law firm as she has experience launching and scaling a successful e-commerce business and has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to grow and scale an online business on a shoestring budget.

Our conversation covers:

  • The legal foundations all business owners need to have in place
  • How your mindset can affect your legal decisions
  • Business Partnerships & Collaborations
  • What you need to know about Copyright laws
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Trademarking your name – when you need to think about trademarking
  • The things you need to consider as you grow

To find out more about Riz head to FOUNDD LEGAL

Check out all of Riz’s great content over on Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/founddlegal/

190 -Trust the process

Have you ever gotten to that part in a launch or space in your business where you’re doing all the things and the results are slowing coming in but you know that you just have to hold fast? It’s such a hard place to be, and can be very difficult to get back to that place of trust. Today I guide you into finding trust for the process again.