121- Owning your unique magic & being seen with Ellie Swift, Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, Writer & Speaker.

Ellie Swift is a Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, writer and speaker for high-performing women who are ready to share their unique blend of magic with the world and TRULY be seen, so that they can connect authentically with their customers online (and grow their heart-centred businesses!).

Ellie spent the last decade working in marketing in London, Sydney and Perth, achieving her goal of Head of Marketing Strategy for a private agency in Perth, Western Australia by the age of 28, before making the transition into the coaching world to support service-based business owners in the online space. She has built a multi-six figure business in under two years and has supported her clients as they’ve created five-figure + launches, doubled their income and completely transformed their businesses (and lives!) through both mindset and marketing.

Our conversation dives into::

  • Harnessing your own unique magic
  • Fear of showing up online & starting before you’re ready
  • What stops people from discovering their uniqueness
  • Strategies to overcome the fear of being seen
  • Comparisonitis
  • How to cultivate community online
  • How to navigate business online soulfully
  • How to move past the expectation to be seen as an expert
  • Using a CEO Mindset to move through self-doubt & non-action

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Business doesn’t have to be complicated, but it sure helps to know when you need help in a certain area to be able to accelerate your growth. You are a genius. You are great at what you do and that’s why you’re in business. Being successful in business takes more than just being good at what you do. If no-one knows who you are, what you do or doesn’t understand the value you offer then you can be great at what you do with no clients to pay you to do it.

Want to be successful? Want to scale your business to greater heights? Then it’s going to take these 7 areas to really catapult you into owning the business you desire.

It all starts with….


If you don’t know how to communicate what you do and what makes you uniquely qualified to help your ideal clients well, the more difficult it will be to grow your business. Copywriting helps you build like and trust with potential clients and can set you a part from your competitors in a unique and interesting way that helps potential clients feel connected to you and a part of your brand. From website copy, sales pages to email marketing campaigns there is an art and elegance to writing copy and without understanding the art to it, it can be time-consuming and exhausting to write words that convey your essence and energy out into the world.

Great copy ignites interest and conveys your personality to the reader in such a way that it sets the foundation for a strong relationship, communicates the value of what you do and helps to convert potential clients into paying clients. Don’t miss this really important step.

Check out Wordfetti  – they are the unicorns in writing great copy! They also have no-fluff Podcast called Brandfetti to help you navigate it.


Building relationships and creating a network is important for three different reasons.

Firstly, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand what it’s like to run a business and who get it, is so important for your mental health. Not only that, when you work alone, you need amazing role models to look up to and people who are at that next stage of growth to learn from. The best way to find these people is to get out there and meet new people.

Secondly, to grow your network of potential clients. The more people know who you are and what you do the better, online and offline. Set yourself up to be the go-to person in your industry and then share what you do and why with as many people as you can, all the while building great relationships.

Thirdly, referrals. There are things that you don’t do that your ideal clients need. Make a list of other services that you know your ideal client needs/wants and find someone who does them well. Having a list of people to refer to helps you stay focused on staying in your genius zone and shows integrity when you refer to someone who is an expert in what they do.

Make sure you build a relationship with the person you refer to so they know who the potential client is coming from and why. We all need to support each other in our business journeys. There are enough clients out there for all of us, so let’s share the love.

Want to meet some like-minded heart-centered business owners – come join us at one of the upcoming Love What You Do Collective Events


If a business isn’t profitable, it’s just a hobby, not only that, the more you understand your numbers the more power you have to make the right decisions for your business. Create a ritual where you check your numbers weekly. And I don’t mean just your financials, I mean your conversion rates, your engagement rates and anything that can be measured (and should be measured in your business). So many of us are scared to look at our numbers for fear of them not being great, but if you are not where you want to be, the quickest way you’re going to get there is by figuring out where you are and the bridge that you need to cross to the next level of success. Your answers are all in the numbers.

If you need help working out your numbers then check out Business Lane for all things Bas, bookkeeping, and awesomeness.


One of the biggest things I hear is that people are constantly saying they hate marketing, but hating marketing isn’t going to grow your business any faster.  If you want your business to be successful, you need to reframe what marketing means to you. Is it the bane of your existence? Or the best way for you to reach potential clients, and start making a difference in people’s lives? Unfortunately, you cannot help anyone unless you know how to communicate yourself clearly and passionately to the outside world and that starts with creating awareness and interest in who you are and what you do.  Then it’s time to get it in front of as many people who are potentially your ideal client as possible.

Check out the Olive Louise Social team – they know where it’s at when it comes to marketing.


When you create something new in your business don’t you want to just shout it from the rooftops?

I know I do but just coldly announcing your product or service to the world before you’ve built a relationship with people rarely works. This is where understanding a launch sequence comes in to save the day. You’ve got to understand who you’re talking to, warm them up to create interest in what you may be selling and communicate why they need what you’re offering. This is the pre-cursor to the sales process.

If you exist in the twenty first century then learning to launch new products or services in your business across your socials, emails and networks is a skill that can turn a new product launch into an exciting and successful time in your business, which not only brings in more money but also builds your brand authority.

Steph Taylor is the queen when it comes to a launch process! Check her out and also enjoy her podcast – The Socialette


If you’re not making sales, then your business is not thriving. If you want your business to be successful, then mastering how to sell your product or service is essential. There is a process, and it doesn’t have to be sleazy or salesy, but there must be a process. There is a big difference between marketing your business and selling your services. It’s called conversion – how do you set it up and knock it down? How do you convince people to work with you and what’s the best way to do it in a non-salesy, sleazy way? Mastering sales is essential if you want to make money and if you want to help people –  you need to make money so your business is sustainable. You don’t have to be sleazy and you don’t have to be an expert to understand how to use a sales process to support the growth of your business. 

Bay Bradfield is the strategist you want on your team if you’re wanting to convert more followers into paying customers.


Finally, you must master your mindset. The most important business tool you have is your mind. The ability to pick yourself back up after you’ve been knocked down, to see problems as opportunities in disguise and constantly be your own cheerleader on this business journey is paramount. Mindset plays a huge part in every element we’ve discussed above.
Finding the confidence to back yourself, talk about yourself and put yourself out there takes courage and a mindset of curiosity and compassion.

Dealing with the fear of success and the fear of failure as you constantly show up and put yourself out into the world is real. Struggling with poor money mindset as you review your numbers and assess your profitability can hinder your growth in so many ways and often causes many of us to give up on our dreams.

Learning to keep going when things get tough and building the resilience to stay strong through a failed launch or miserable month of sales all starts in the mind.

Developing the confidence in yourself to believe in your worth to consistently sell yourself and your services to your clients and dealing with rejection all begins with a resilient mind. Success in a sales process can be the difference between selling yourself with confidence or sabotaging your way through a sales call and talking people out of working with you.

When we grow through different stages of a business you unearth new fears and mindset blocks that can keep you stuck in non-action and self-doubt. Doing the mindset work is how you pull yourself back up and keep going towards achieving the success you deserve. Working with a mindset coach can help you not only pull yourself out of a rut but can change your future results but accelerates your ability to believe in yourself and the success you deserve!

It all begins with mastering your mindset.

Want to know what’s holding you back in the mindset department?

Take my Mindset Quiz – What’s holding you back?

Written by Christine Corcoran

 For more mindset tips check out The Next Level Life Podcast

120 -People pleasing & Asking for help

Are you saying yes to too many things, and struggle to say no?
Are you worried about hurting people’s feelings or letting people down?
Do you feel like you’re always giving and it’s exhausting?

Do you sometimes feel taken advantage of but don’t know how to make a change?

Then you may be burdened with People Pleasing. People-pleasing stops us from moving forward in our lives and we end up looking to everyone else for the answers when the answers we need are truly within ourselves. So why do we people please?

  • We want to feel needed
  • We want to feel valued
  • We don’t want to be selfish
  • It fulfills a core need
  • We want to avoid confrontation

So how do we stop the people-pleasing behavior and start to take our own power back?

Let me show you.


Lea is a Certified Money Coach and Certified Wellness Coach helping creatives, freedom seekers, entrepreneurs, and health & wellness professionals to create awareness and take back control of their relationship with money. Gaining clarity, skills, and confidence to better manage money as a tool to create freedom and a life of their design.

With her formal qualifications in yoga, well-being, and mindfulness while studying Positive Psychology and Well-being, Mindful Based Stress Reduction, NLP and Motivational Coaching, Lea’s approach to money & business is unique & empowering. In 2017 She was named the winner of the AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice award and in 2016 was named Money Management Young Achiever of the Year. 

Lea believes that the more women step into their power with money and own their relationship with it, consciously and mindfully, then it can be used with purpose and intention to support us individually and as a collective. Seeing money as it really is, as an energy and a resource and by unwinding its role in our self-worth, success & happiness, it enables us to see that money is just a tool that supports us to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Today’s conversation covers:

  • Exploring the possibilities of wealth & what we believe is possible
  • Why women struggle with earning more money
  • Our emotional relationship with money
  • Intergenerational money stories
  • Money fears as a woman
  • Abundant action
  • Moving through fear as you up level
  • Money as an amplifier
  • Abundance starts with clarity
  • Wealth is also being able to receive
  • Valuing yourself
  • Charging what you’re worth
  • Self sabotaging our wealth

Books mentioned:

Earth is Hiring – Peta Kelly

It’s not your money – Tosha Silver

118 – I should be further along than I am

Have you ever felt frustrated and annoyed at not being further along on your journey?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling and shoulding all over yourself isn’t helping is it?

It can be very a very frustrating and confusing time, but it’s a very important phase that you cannot skip over. You must go through it and dissect the lessons that this time is gifting you.

It’s time to stop focusing on the future, bring awareness to where you are right now and why.

Let’s dive into why this is so important and how to move through it.

117 – Embracing our seasons with Alisha Rose Kruger, Menstrual cycle coach, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care™ Practitioner

Alisha Rose is a menstrual cycle coach, feminine embodiment facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner and creatress. She holds space for women to come home to themselves by embracing their sacred cycles and reclaiming their innate feminine power.  Alisha supports women through online coaching, Holistic Pelvic Care™ treatments, yoga classes, circles and events; and her free online community, Feminine Rising.

Our conversation dives into:

  • Cycle Awareness
  • The inner seasons and how to use your seasons more effectively
  • Harnessing our seasonal powers to create more ease, flow and success in life
  • How to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally in each season
  • How to track your cycle to use the energy for higher impact and magnetism
  • How to plan ahead and embrace your cycle
  • We all have a superwoman phase but that doesn’t mean we can be high energy all the time.
  • Having self-compassion through self-criticism
  • Surrender and trust through challenges
  • True female embodiment

Connect with Alisha here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisharosekruger/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alishakruger1

Website: https://alisharosekruger.com/

116 – Be the Example & Tall poppy syndrome

Have you ever wanted someone else to make a change in their lives? Wanted them to be better or do better? Yeah me too, but telling them how to change, is not the best course of action. We must learn to lead by example and give them permission through our actions not our words.

Do you worry about the tall poppy syndrome as you strive for success?

One of the things I would love to see changed in my lifetime is the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia. We don’t need it anymore, it does not support our evolution or expansion and it’s time to speak up and change this cultural phenomenon for good. And it starts with us.

We must be the change we want to see. We must first celebrate others instead of judging them or tearing them down as they thrive, we must speak up when others are tearing another successful person down and we must be confident in celebrating ourselves fully.

Want something to change, then let’s first change ourselves.

115 – Tapping into your Feminine Power with Sammie Fleming

Sammie is a coach for women who are ready to connect with their true feminine power and up-level their lives with ease and calm.  She supports her clients to cultivate deep inner confidence like never before and live deliciously attuned to their natural rhythms, stepping into a life of flow.  She is known for her intuitive yet grounded coaching style, guiding her clients back to who they truly are and supporting them as they rise exponentially.

Sammie weaves her passion for feminine cycles into her work, allowing her clients to embrace the full power of feminine energy.  Sammie loves creating sacred spaces through 1:1 online coaching, group experiences, and women’s circles.

Our conversation covers:

  • Growing a coaching business alongside other work
  • Play for productivity
  • Pushing our edges
  • Learning to receive
  • Developing a relationship with your intuition
  • Creating ceremony in business
  • Resistance vs fear
  • Being seen and expressing yourself fully
  • Other people’s opinions
  • Dealing with naysayers
  • Being multi-passionate
  • Rising with Ease

Connect with Sammie on socials here:

Connect with Sammie on Instagram – Sammie Fleming & Facebook



114 – Resilience in Business

Over the past two months I have spoken at 4 different events on Courage and Resilience and today I want to share my takeaways from those events and my ideas on how you build resilience through courageous action.

The power to back yourself, stay true to your vision and continue to get back up when you’ve been knocked down.



  1. Expressing yourself fully.
  • Asking for what you want
  • Speaking your truth
  • Saying NO when you want to say No
  • Giving your opinion
  • Standing up for what you believe in

2. Dealing with rejection and Judgement

  • How you take on other peoples opinions/judgments of you
  • Taking on feedback, judgements and dealing with rejection
  • Standing true to your vision no matter the backlash or repercussions
  • Walking away from something that’s not healthy

3.Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone

  • Take risks
  • Doing hard things Overcoming adversity build’s your resilience
  • Being ok being a beginner
  • Learning new skills
  • Putting yourself in new situations or circles
  1. Self commitments
  • Showing up for yourself
  • Doing what you say you’re going to do – Honouring your word
  • Taking action toward your goals
  • Do you have self-trust? Self-integrity?

5.0 Vulnerability

  • Sharing vulnerably
  • Connecting requires vulnerability
  • Being vulnerable in relationships

6.Knowing who you are

  • Who are you?
  • What do you value?
  • What do you want?
  • What’s your WHY? What’s your Purpose
  • Do you value what you have to offer the world?
  • Knowing what drives you
  • Knowing what your fears are

7. Learning to pivot not quit

  • Get comfortable with failure
  • Be flexible – the goal doesn’t change, but the path or choice of action will change
  • Ask better questions
  • Focusing on the solution
  • I can figure things out along the way

Join me on Tuesday October 29th for my Free Online Workshop – It’s time to Elevate your Business.

Did you set yourself New Year’s goals at the beginning of this year and feel like you haven’t really

accomplished many of them?

Are you wishing you’d be further ahead than you are right now?

Have you just realised there is only 2 and half months left of this year,  so you’ve set yourself big scary goals and you’re doubting yourself whether you’ll be able to achieve them?

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Throughout new periods of growth in my business, I have always struggled with the Fear of Success. Although it wasn’t obvious at first, the underlying patterns and beliefs that kept me stuck all stemmed from the fear of being more successful than I was. 

As I launched my podcast, I feared, who is ever going to listen?

As I hit 10k months, I worried about the problems and responsibility more money would bring.

As I booked large speaking gigs, I feared them figuring out how amateur I was. 

As I took on top coaches as clients, I feared I wouldn’t be good enough.

All of these fears boiled down to one major fear.
The Fear of Success.
The worst part about the Fear of Success isn’t the fear as such, it’s the inner critic chatter that just doesn’t stop. It’s the talk of not being good enough that causes the procrastination, the money blocking, the playing small and hiding out. 

When I landed my biggest paid speaking gig to date, my inner critic, brought me to my knees and almost ruined everything. 
I booked the gig, sold myself to the organisers and got to planning the 90-minute presentation. 

I had 6 weeks to prepare and I was nervous as hell. So for the first two weeks, do you know what I did? 
Nothing. Yep, nothing. Hello Procrastination at it’s best!

I wrote nothing, I didn’t prepare the slides or practice anything. 

The deadline to provide my final slides for the presentation was at 2 weeks prior to the event so I knew that I had to have the full presentation finalised by that date, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to change it. 

The fear set in,  my inner critic went nuts and I had to challenge it every day. 
It would say “You don’t know what you’re doing, you’ve never done a presentation this big before”.

I would counter with ” Yes you do, you speak in public all the time and you know what you’re doing. You have enough experience to add value!”

Fear would step in and say “You’re gonna fall on your face in front of hundreds of people”.

I would counter with “It’s OK if you do, it will get a laugh and the audience will connect with how real and genuine you are.”

Fear would shout ” You’re too fat to be on stage”

I would counter with ” No matter your size, you have plenty of value to offer and all you need is your voice.”

On our journey to success, fear will always be present. We are never going to be able to eradicate it, so it’s important that we learn to dance with it. As long as you don’t let it take the lead. 
You are in charge and fear can step aside  – so let it know that you are in control.

 Don’t let fear stop you from going after what you want and achieving the success you deserve. 

When does your inner critic talk trash to you? What’s it’s favorite line? Do you manage it with grace or get sucked into its drama? 

Don’t worry you’re not alone. The trick is to find as much kindness for yourself as possible, and the way I do it, is talk to myself as if I was one of my best friends. 

If she was talking trash about herself, I would tell her to stop it and then say something kind. 

Give it a go and let me know how it works for you. 

Want to know what fear is holding you back?