When you're stuck in a scarcity mindset it's really hard to start thinking abundantly, even when you know it's what could change everything for you. There is always more, plenty, plethora, enough. Why don't we believe this? Sitting in a place of lack, feeling like there is a shortage of money, time, options, possibilities and stressing about all the what if's and the lack there of's, only creates more scarcity. Not only do the negative thoughts create more negative thoughts, but it keeps us stuck in a place of despair, and confusion with no ladder to get yourself out of the scarcity hole.

103 -Permission – Why you think you need it

Are you waiting for permission? From some one or something to be able to do what you want to do, become who you want to become or say the things you want to say? Permission isn't handed out to people who are waiting for it. It's given to those who demand it and take it without asking. Why do you think we need permission? Rules of authority or credibility. Sometimes, these 'rules' get internalized. We take in the idea that we cannot do things without 'permission' from some authority. And this seems right and natural, part of who we are, but in today's world, being an adult we must learn to create our own inner authority to find the courage and conviction to trust yourself, and give yourself the permission.

102 – Let it go with Alisha The Naughty Naturopath Mum

It's time to let go of stress and anxiety, and our need for control so we can improve our emotional and physical health. Alisha is a Naturopath, creator and owner of the Naughty Naturopath Mum flower essence range, blogger and mum to two young Children. Alisha loves to motivate and inspire people to keep healthy [...]


Productivity is a mindset. Motivating ourselves to be productive and creative for our own purposes can be challenging at times especially when we find ourselves procrastinating. Productivity starts with the mind. It starts with what we believe is possible. What are we capable of? When our minds are scattered, we get distracted and produce less. When we are focused, we’re able to produce more. This is why multitasking doesn’t work. Trying to focus on multiple things at once only adds to the time it takes to complete something.

101 – Up Level your Mindset

The mindset that got you here is not going to get you there! If you want to Scale and grow you cannot create up leveled results from the actions you have taken in the past, Your past does not equal your future, unless you allow it to. How would your future self be thinking about your next steps?

98 – Learning to receive

Are you a giver? Do you love giving but struggle to receive? Do you find yourself deflecting compliments? Do you not accept when someone wants to celebrate your or give you encouragement? Can you ask for help? Are you coachable? Do you take advice on board? Welcome Feedback?? Are you blocking abundance in all areas of your life?