248 – Confidence and Money with Andrea Westbrook, Confidence Coach for Curvy Women

Andrea is a Mindset Confidence Coach who works with women who are fat, curvy or plus-size; whose bodies don’t fit society’s notion of “ideal”. She helps them to conquer their fears, negative self-talk and overcome weight stigma so that they can reconnect to their confidence, super-charge their self-belief and lead the amazing life that they dream of. As a plus-size woman, Andrea has overcome years of weight stigma and low self-belief to move into her full potential and achieve her career and life goals.

Today we talk all about:

  • Weight stigma and the impact it has on women’s confidence
  • Internalized oppression
  • Quick tips for confidence
  • How to push through fear when you don’t have the confidence
  • Why pushing through the fear is worthwhile in business
  • How to begin to believe in your worthiness
  • Andrea’s experience in The Energetics of Money

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Are the stories you’re telling yourself holding you back? Have past experiences shaped how you are in the present moment?
The stories we tell ourselves can be disempowering or they can be empowering and by choosing what you make those experiences mean you can change your future for the better.

This week’s episode is all about re-writing your past so you can use it to support the future you want to live.

Allow yourself to grow and change, your future self is waiting (and she’s excited!)

Are you feeling like you have hit a roadblock in your business? Feeling uninspired or unclear on your next steps? The feeling of being in a rut is exhausting and  it can cost us valuable time that we could be using productively elsewhere. Most business owners  experience these feelings during their journey and it is so important that we take the time to recharge, and realign with our mission and the reason why we got into business in the first place. Without taking the time to reassess where we are and where we want to go we can end up taking useless action towards goals that just don’t light us up anymore. 

One of the greatest ways to do this is to take yourself and your team ( or group of biz friends) out of your own environment to spark new creative ideas, new energy, clarity and purpose. To reconnect with your why and remind yourself what you’re capable of.  Retreats can be a great way to recharge and realign yourself with your business mission but it can be hit or miss with finding the right retreat for you. Have you been searching for a Retreat for yourself, your friends or for your team but can’t find the exact experience you are looking for? 

Ever thought about booking a personal retreat?  Did you know that  Christine offers life changing personal  group retreats with the aim to overcome these exact obstacles so many of us find ourselves battling every day. These retreats are curated with Christine by your side, together designing a magical experience to perfectly match your needs.

Christine shares her techniques and work with you to discover how to tap into your own inner wisdom and find the answers and clarity you need to create your next level of success.  A group retreat is an amazing opportunity to bond with your fellow boss babes, or reconnect with your team. 

Are you wanting to develop a stronger, more connected relationship with yourself and your team? Yes? We see you! Are you wanting to learn, expand and grow and level up? Then booking a personal group retreat could be just what you need. 

Book a personal retreat with Christine 

Why not create your own personal experience with your team or biz friends and join Christine on an empowering experience where she will facilitate a magical weekend of self exploration, personal and business growth led by her guidance and expertise. You will leave with your mind, body and soul feeling energised and with a deeper connection to yourself, confident to make the next steps in your business journey.

Self growth and development is a vital element to impacting Personal and business growth. 

With a curated experience to support your needs you’ll walk away feeling inspired, motivated and with a clear action plan to work towards your next level of success

With our Personal Retreats, your team and friends will have the space to rejuvenate and  recharge  yourself and also allow you to reflect, gain new insights and brainstorm innovative solutions.

Who are they for?  

Whether it’s to work on your own personal transformation or to develop your teams compatibility and focus, all is designed to suit your intentions! They are for business owners with a team or a group of girlfriends in business who would like to recharge, reflect and experience growth together.

What to expect 

Personal Group Retreats offer a personalised journey with beautifully created rituals where Christine will share her techniques and strategies with you to transform you and your group inside and out. From mastermind style sessions, to inner journeys of transformation, rituals, tools and experiences designed to create inner and outer alignment.  

In the initial consultation Christine will go through with you a questionnaire to gain an understanding of what you are after for your personalised event, so she can facilitate accordingly.

You will walk away:

+ Feeling rejuvenated and full of nourishment in the mind, body and soul 

+ Feeling confident with your next aligned actioned steps to help set you up for success

+ With new personalised rituals to embody in your day to day

+ With an expanded mindset and mantras to live by

+ A stronger and more connected relationship with your beautiful, authentic self

+ Feeling transformed and ready to EMBRACE all that life has to offer!

All you need to do is come with an open mind, be willing to participate and allow the inner shifts to come to fruition!

How they work

To book your Personal Retreat we have made it simple for you! 

All you need to do is:

  • Choose the length of times that suits you for the Retreat (whether that be a one day or two-three days)
  • Pick a date that works for your team or friends to get away  
  • Book your location – whether it’s rainforest or beachfront, you choose where you can feel relaxed, connected to nature and feel comfortable to work on your business in a rejuvenating environment and Christine will come to you.
  • Book your consultation with Christine to initiate the retreat curation
  • Share with Christine what you’d like to walk away with after the Retreat 
  • Arrange some nourishing food for the Retreat duration
  • Sit back and relax and allow the magic to unfold on the day/s of the Retreat

Christine’s  Personal Group Retreats will awaken your mind, body and spirit and will leave you feeling inspired and energised, ready to take massive aligned action towards your future success.  

Personal Group Retreats are  the perfect solution to unlock the key to your next level, transform your beliefs, overcome blocks and grow your business with purpose and intention.

To find all details on how to book a Personal Group Retreat, please visit https://christinecorcoran.com.au/personal-retreats/

243 – Who do you think you are? – 5 minutes of momentum

Are you struggling with other people’s opinions of you? Do you worry about what people think about you? Do you believe what they say is true? 


But did you know that they are exactly what is affecting who you believe you are? 

Not what other’s say and think about you BUT WHAT YOU THINK they think about you. 

These opinions shape your identity if you let them. On today’s 5 minutes of momentum podcast, I share with you the impact other people’s opinions can have on who we believe we are.

242 -Perfectionism & Why we do what we do with Kristy Gray, Life Strategist & Astrologer

242 -Perfectionism & Why we do what we do with Kristy Gray, Life Strategist & Astrologer

Kristy Gray is a Life Strategist & Astrologer all about inspiring others to take the steps they need to master confidence, gain clarity and transform your lifestyle all through the lens of Astrology.
She’ll use her vast and varied experience to create a tailored strategy to dismantle the uncertainty and self-doubt that’s holding you back. Kristy’s process stems from her love of learning, her qualifications include 10 years of Learning and Development, Life Coaching, Cert IV Fitness, Metabolic Nutritionist, Applied Crystal Healing, Third-year Astrologer and NLP Practitioner.

Our conversation today covers:

  • Perfectionism as your superpower
  • 2020 energy VS 2021 Energy
  • The new Astrological year in March
  • Using Astrology to validate why you do what you do
  • How to use the full moon and the new moon to support your growth
  • Dealing with Mercury Retrograde
  • What you don’t know about Astrology
  • How to use Astrology to take your business to the next level

Find Kristy online fuelled by thought-provoking conversations, analyzing what’s written in the stars, and dishing up a great Astrology meme (or two) at www.kristygray.com

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