Which energy do you feel you sit in most? Your masculine or your feminine?

Which one do you struggle to embody?

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies in business and money is what creates in and outer balance, aligns us with our true selves and also opens the floodgates to abundance. So let’s explore where you’re out of alignment and where you need to lean in to create that balance.

Masculine represents:

-Action, projective energy, doing the do, giving, expanding, capable, confident, logic, structure

Feminine Energy represents:

— Receiving, nurturing, softening, inward, receptive, motherly, flow, trust

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272 – Expansion comes in many forms & Rise Up Reflections

After much reflection on The Rise Up Conference, today I share with you the main themes that came out of that weekend, plus the lessons I learnt in pivoting quickly and growing as a facilitator.

  • Don’t judge what you think or feel, allow it, accept it – it’s the only way to heal it
  • We all just wanted to be accepted as our true authentic selves
  • Balance the masculine and feminine in everything you do and the universe will reward you
  • Everyones healing journey is different
  • Money & self worth and knowing what you want

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270 -Growing a half a million dollar Facebook group with Michelle Vroom- Director of Vroom Communications

When Michelle says she knows how to grow an audience that makes you 6-figures, she means it. Growing her own FB group was a total game-changer for her business. It gave her the freedom and security she had been searching for when she left her 9-5 nearly five years ago.

With a 15-year background in marketing & public relations, Michelle has the skills and knowledge to help other talented rockstars get to 6-figures in their business. That starts with her proven framework for growing an engaged Facebook group that makes you a 6-figure business owner. Michelle’s no-nonsense, tough love approach helps her clients get results fast. If you want a kick in the pants to get moving (and the accountability to go with it), then Michelle is the perfect coach for you.

Today’s conversation shares with you:

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs that keep you from showing up and getting visible
  • How to have freedom in your business
  • What to focus on if you have little time or money
  • How to monetise your Facebook group
  • How to increase your Facebook groups engagement
  • Your group positioning
  • Two simple things to grow your audience
  • How to know if your marketing is working

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If you want to be the go-to person in your industry or you want clients clambering for your brand of awesome sauce and saying – “You’re my person” – then you’re in luck!

Suz Chadwick is a BOLD Business, Branding & Speaker Coach taking your brand from basic biscuits to delectable ‘got to have’ goodness. She works with savvy women in businesses to create confidently bold brands & profitable business without the burnout. 

With over 10 years as a brand consultant working with global brands as well as soloprenuers, Suz knows what works when it comes to creating a business & personal brand that magnetises and stands out. 

Recognised as a Top 10 Branding Coach by Yahoo! Finance, Suz is the award winning author of Play Big, Brand Bold, host of the popular Brand Builder’s Lab podcast and the creator of Brand Builder’s Academy, The Amplify Mastermind and The Bold Speakers Collective.

TODAY we chat about:

  • The top mistakes being made when attempting to scale your personal brand
  • What it takes to build a Bold brand online
  • Naming and claiming your audience
  • Ensuring your building your business around profit
  • Creating a profitable business that lights you up
  • Role modelling those who you admire
  • Becoming the go-to person in your industry
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Creating a magnetic brand to have your dream clients reaching out asking “How can I work with you?”

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