140 – Refocus & Pivot

Times are changed. Change and uncertainty is hard and this Coronavirus Crisis it’s not going to blow over next week so we need to Refocus and pivot so our businesses can thrive throughout this time.

Today’s episode is for those who want to focus on solutions rather than problems. For those who want to do whatever they can to continue to trade no matter what.

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:

  • What to focus on now and what to consider as you refocus
  • Money mindset in times of crisis
  • Re-evaluating your business and it’s focus during this time
  • Creating for online
  • Thinking outside the box

137 – The Power of Masterminding with Leanne Webber, Founder of the Founders Team

Leanne Webber is incredibly passionate and supportive about helping business owners exceed their fullest potential. After struggling through 3 years of business ownership, feeling isolated and alone, Leanne decided she needed to surround herself with like-minded people that could help her through the challenges she was having in business.

She searched high and low for the perfect solution, however, couldn’t find one. From a place of necessity, in 2018, Leanne created The Founders Team – a mastermind program helping business owners celebrate wins, feel less lonely, achieve their goals and grow their businesses while being supported by new like-minded friends. In just over one year, The Founders Team has helped more than 100 business owners reach their goals and create new connections…and they’re just getting started!

Today’s conversation dives into:

  • The importance of growing your network as a business owner
  • Overcoming the fear and awkwardness of attending networking events
  • The power of masterminding
  • Pivoting and changing to scale your business
  • Recognizing how you work to be more productive
  • Working with your inner cycle
  • Recognizing where your genius is and getting help doing what you’re not so great at
  • Allowing yourself to receive help to grow your business


136 – Growing pains in business

Is your business in a growth phase? Is it expanding and you feel like you’re trying to catch up?

Feel like your emotions are all over the place and you’re not doing the things you know you should be doing and feel completely out of control? Welcome to growth.

There are growing pains that we all go through in business and I want to support you with how to grow through these times and support yourself and your wellbeing along the way.

When we feel out of control, stressed and overwhelmed our thoughts sound something like this:

I don’t have the time, I can’t handle this, I don’t know what I’m doing, What if it all comes crashing down

Fears that come up:

  • Fear of not being able to handle it
  • Screwing something up or seeming like a failure
  • Being seen
  • Not having the answers
  • Doubting your value
  • Impostor syndrome
  • What if the business gets too big?

These fears cause:

Self sabotaging behaviours – not doing the things you know that will help

neglecting self care, eating well exercise

Avoiding looking at the numbers and making rash decisions

Bingeing on netflix or other avoidance behaviours

not following up with clients to opportunities

Not letting go of what doesn’t serve you

Not knowing what to do and avoid seeking the answers


Questions to ask yourself to Key things to work through to support the expansion of your business:

  • Create a long term vision
  • Automating time-consuming work
  • Hire help
  • Get support or guidance from a mentor or coach
  • Invest back into your business
  • Systems and processes
  • Taking time to work on the business not just in it

Mindset 👇

What are you focusing on?

135 – THE TWISTS AND TURNS OF LIVING YOUR PURPOSE with Emily Gowor, Inspirational Writer, Author & Speaker.

After overcoming depression at age 19, Emily devoted herself and her life to bringing writing and inspiration to the world – and she has now spent more than a decade showing people that it is possible to live an extraordinary life.

As the author of 11 published books on the topics of self-help, entrepreneurship and writing – including The Book Within You and The Inspirational Messenger – Emily produced an award-winning blog attracting thousands of readers called Life Travels in 2010 Emily worked with Dr. John Demartini on his international best-selling book Inspired Destiny in 2009 and shared the stage with him in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

Emily’s writings, projects, and speaking presentations have touched and moved thousands globally as she inspires people to reach for more. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured in a range of media sharing her inspirational messages. And now she is inspiring all the dreamers in the world to unlock their greatness and pursue their purpose with her new book, Born Great.

Our conversation covers:

  • The struggles of being a high achiever
  • Getting through hard times while staying on purpose
  • Looking for the blessing in challenges
  • Sharing your gifts with the world
  • Getting clear on your mission
  • The connection between self-love and money
  • How to deal with negative feedback
  • Give yourself the permission to express your greatness
  • Comparisonitis stems from a lack of self-respect
  • Charging your worth fearlessly
  • Confirmations from the universe to go all in
  • Our obligation to share our greatness

Connect with Emily:


Buy Born Great here – www.borngreatbook.com

Connect on Socials: www.instagram.com/emilygowor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/emilygoworpage

133 – Uplevel your Sales with Bay Bradfield, Business Growth Strategist and Sales Coach.

Are you posting on socials and just not converting your followers into paying clients?

Are you struggling to convert clients that opt in to your free content?

Bay helps entrepreneurs to make more money in their business by helping them implement lead generating strategies, create sales processes to then turn those leads into paying customers to accelerate the growth of their business. She is passionate about the psychology of sales and debunking the myth that you need to be pushy, awkward and salesy to sell your services. Bay helps her clients overcome their fear of selling and teaches modern sales techniques that focus on results.

Our conversation dives into:

  • Overcoming the beliefs that sales is pushy and salesy
  • The psychology of sales in 2020
  • Empowering people to overcome the fear of being salesy or pushy
  • The power of investing in yourself and your mindset
  • What stalls people from taking their business to the next level
  • Getting clear on what you’re actually selling
  • The missed opportunities in business
  • Dealing with objections
  • Why opt in’s aren’t working as a lead generator anymore

 Connect with Bay here:

www.baybradfield.com https://www.instagram.com/baybradfield/

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132-Why you need to know your business values

We are so eager to keep pushing and pushing, doing the next thing and the next thing, without taking the time to consider if it is truly important to us. As we grow our businesses, we can get so caught up doing the things we’re told we “should” be doing without stopping to see if it is in alignment with our values.

If you want to build a business that is not only successful but actually fulfills you as a person as well, then uncovering your values and finding ways to live into those values will set you up to do this. So let’s uncover our values, and find out how to use them to support us in creating a fulfilling and satisfying business that we love.

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131 -Elevate your Circle of Influence

Is it time you up-leveled your circle of friends?

Are you making the same excuses as your friends for why you can’t get ahead?

Feel like your the big fish in a small pond?

Feel like you’re stuck in a mindset of scarcity?

Need to expand your network of potential clients?

Then it may be time you elevate your circle of influence. Every day we are influencing and being influenced by those around us. If we want to elevate our mindset, motivation and success then finding ways to surround yourself with people who have achieved the level of success you want is vital.

Today on the podcast I share:

  • How to know when it’s time to elevate your circle
  • How to surround yourself with people at the next level of success
  • Why it’s important to be aware of your circle of influence
  • And where to find the right people to elevate you and your success!

You can also find out more about Elevate Intensive Here –

130 – Charge what you’re worth & not feel guilty about it

Are you charging what you’re worth and feeling guilty about it? Or maybe you’re struggling to figure out what you should be charging, or wanting to put your prices up, and wanting to feel less guilty about it.

Today on the podcast I break down how to charge what your worth, what you need to consider when setting your prices and what you need to decide when setting your prices.

I then unpack the reason we may feel guilt in this situation and unpack the purpose of guilt and how to charge what you’re worth and not feel guilty.

Why guilt becomes a feeling of unworthiness if left unchecked.

Book referenced – Awaken the giant within – Tony Robbins