328 – Multiply to millions with Nicolene Elhadad, The Franchise Queen

Introducing Nicolene Elhadad, a wife, a busy mom of 3 and a multi facet entrepreneur.

14 years ago Nicolene and her husband started their first business from their garage!  Now she is the proud owner of 7 successful small businesses and has grown them into 6 and 7 Figure monthly income streams.

Nicolene then was inspired to franchise one of them and now has 31 branches across the country and loves to help business owners to multiply their income through franchising.

Today’s conversation covers:

  • Finding the golden moments in your day
  • Sharing your story to strengthen supplier relationships
  • From idea to multiple locations
  • Working your numbers
  • Learning lessons through doing it wrong
  • Getting your business ready to expand
  • How knowing your worse case scenario sets you up for success
  • Overcoming the fear of losing it all
  • Preparing your business to franchise
  • Who franchising is for
  • Best businesses to franchise
  • Franchising formula

WEBSITE: https://nicoleneelhadad.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nicolene_elhadad_coaching/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/theelhadadco

323 – OVERWHELM TO ACTION – 5 Minutes of Momentum for Erin

Erin sent me a voice message on Speak pipe – the new feature on the podcast and I’ve created a personalised 5 Minutes of Momentum for her, and I’m sure you’ll get some inspiration out of it too.
I can create one for you too, just send me a message on speakpipe and tell me what you need help with! It could be for you next week~ 😍Send a message on SpeakPipe Here!

Today’s episode is all about taking action even when you feel overwhelmed and there’s a reason for that. Listen now

322 – You’ll never FEEL ready

WHEN you’re about to embark on something important to you and that is going to challenge and grow you, you won’t feel READY.

I never wait to feel ready. I wait for the uncomfortable feeling of fear and a little bit of excitement and take the action anyway. I feel this is what has served me in my business growth massively.

Are you waiting to feel ready on something? 

If you are, let me ask you this? What are you waiting for? 

Certainty that it will work out? 

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320 – Owning your worth to supercharge your business

Why is owning your worth so important?With every client I work with, each roadblock or obstacle that slows us down or negatively impacts our business always comes down to self worth. We feel unworthy so we don’t go after the big goals or amazing opportunities, we don’t feel good enough so we don’t put ourselves out there, we don’t promote our businesses as confidently as we could and we sabotage our success because our the feeling of unworthiness.

This is where it all stems from, this is why I love to focus on developing a strong sense of self worth knowing that it translates into big results in business. In today’s episode I share with you how it translates to positive impact in all areas and how you can work on your self worth to supercharge your business.

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