What's holding you back?

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Hey There!

I'm Christine Corcoran

I've had my share of failure, let me tell you and every time I pick myself back up I remind myself how strong I am and how important it is to keep going.

At every stage of growth there are new lessons to learn, so please know I am here to support you throughout your journey of self discovery and to help you celebrate your wins along the way!

Just in case, you wanted to know more about me...

I'm a Business Mindset Coach specialising in helping heart centred entrepreneurs overcome self-sabotage, limiting beliefs so they can up level their mindset and create the business and life of their dreams. 

I'm a Qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Behavioural Profiler, Hypnotherapist & Leadership & Executive Business Coach and I'm passionate about seeing people succeed, reaching their fullest potential and creating an amazing business doing what they love!

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