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The world needs you to step into your full potential and show up as the most powerful expression of who you truly are.

No more hiding. No more procrastinating. No more self doubt!

All that you desire for your business is closer than you think. Let us show you how to get to where you want to be so you can ...


Introducing the …  Rise Up Conference!

2 full days of pure game changing MAGIC for business owners who want to rise into their next level of wealth and success and change. the. WORLD!

Join us at the beautiful Hilton Surfers Paradise on the stunning Gold Coast. 

Get away for the weekend and treat yourself to some much needed time and attention on your business growth!

It’s your time to Rise UP!

To 2x/3x/5x(!) your income.

To have waitlists filled with your ideal clients.

To sell out your programs.

To feel confident about your skills and abilities.

To bring your biggest and boldest visions to life.

To do what you were put on this earth to do!

RISE UP will be unlike any business conference you’ve ever experienced!

Over 2 days we’ll rewire your mindset, realign your energy and set you up for success! 

You’ll walk away feeling FREE of your old limiting patterns, beliefs and stories and ready to become the leader you are destined to be. You’ll magnetically attract the future you desire for yourself, and know the steps and actions you need to take to Rise UP in your business and life!

We’ll blend the subconscious AND the conscious.

The logic AND the heart.

The action AND the alignment.

Over 2 days, you’ll bust through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and stagnant in your business and give you the unwavering self belief you need to stop playing small and achieve limitless success in your business!

The Rise UP conference will change your ENTIRE relationship

with your business!

You’ll have more confidence!

More money!

More Alignment!

More Dream Clients!

More Impact!

We’ll show you how to:

Show up more powerfully online 

Make offers and ask for what you truly want

Go after opportunities and pitch yourself as the go-to person in your industry

Believe in the value you offer and charge what you're worth!

“F**king incredible! I was absolutely tuned into abundance, but this turned the volume right up!  What an amazing weekend. Forget "a-ha" moments, these were F**K YEAH! moments!  Thank you for this weekend, it was life changing! "


Competition Marketing Specialist

You will walk away from Rise UP: 

  • Knowing the steps and actions you need to take to bring your most epic visions and goals to life (no more hiding and no more excuses!)

  • Having completely transformed your self-limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks

  • Connected to an uplifting and inspiring COMMUNITY of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Full of MAGNETIC ENERGY, INSPIRATION and MOMENTUM for your journey ahead

  • Feeling emotionally free and capable of moving into your next level of success and abundance with EASE and FEARLESSNESS

  • Having a more connected and loving relationship with yourself (because guess what - the quality of your relationship with yourself is at the heart of your businesses success!)

  • Ready to be VISIBLE and be seen as your TRUE self and as the TRUE leader you are.

"The transformation for me at this conference was life changing.  I kept looking externally for the answers and the whole time it was inside me.  The journey I got to go on these 2 days was epic and the amazing women that were so vulnerable.  I got exactly what I came for and more!" 

Sharon, C

Business Mentor

This event is the first of its kind and leaders are coming from all over Australia + NZ!

Come meet other conscious business owners + leaders, experience the energy of Rosie + Christine LIVE in person, and be part of a community of Lighthouse change makers!

Here’s how our transformational two days together will unfold...


saturday 24th july, 9am-5pm

Get clear on your bigger vision for your business and gain clarity and direction for how you're going to get there.

Know your inherent worth so you can upgrade your mindset and thrive in your business.

Develop deep self-trust and self-belief so you can show up confidently as a Leader in your business.

Clear the self-imposed limitations of self-doubt, visibility and fears that are blocking your business from truly growing.


sunday 25th july, 9am-5pm

Break free from your money blocks so you can step into your next level income and move into your full expression and power, with ease.

Feel energised, inspired and motivated to move into action and grow your business.

Shatter your self-imposed glass ceiling and expand your understanding of what’s possible.

Know what you need to do to bring your greatest visions and goals to life.

Here's what's included

- Daily Live Coaching sessions with Christine + Rosie -

To move past your blocks and fears, heal both your past and your relationship with money and step into the fullest expression of your potential and power

- Learn Transformational Exercises and Powerful Processes - 

We’ll get raw and vulnerable so you can experience breakthroughs and unlock your true self, learn powerful teachings, practical (and powerful!) activities and embodiment experiences

- Mastermind Sessions in Smaller Groups -

To collaborate, connect and strategize on your business and goals,with other soul-centred women who see and celebrate you

- LIVE Meditations - 

To allow you to embody your vision, deeply connect with your inherent worth and dive into the strategy work from a place of clarity and flow

- LIVE sub-conscious Healing + Rewiring

You are the key to skyrocketing your success! You will experience a powerful subconscious healing session to unlock your true self so you can finally believe you are enough on a mind, body and soul level. You will get a 21 day rewiring to really cement your reset in on a deep cellular level.

- LIVE Hypnosis + Powerful processes

Free your body + Reprogram your mind with a powerful regression and life altering breathwork to rewire your brain, reset your nervous system and upgrade your subconscious.

- FULL catering provided on both days to all dietary requirements - 

Morning tea including coffee on each day as well as delicious lunch that caters to all your dietary requirements! There are restaurants close by for all your own dinner needs! Dietary Requirements must be provided with ticket purchase 7 days proir to event.

 - Become part of an uplifting intimate Community - 

and cultivate meaningful relationships, friendships and supportive business connections with ease

- Craft a clear strategy and action plan every step of the way - 

Additional workbook and other supportive tools to enhance your lessons and experience

And so much more... 

Here’s the thing!! You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if you’re running a scarcity, lack or self-doubt mindset, no strategy will work!

It’s the combo of the CONSCIOUS, SUB-CONSCIOUS + ACTION that will explode your business growth!

We focus on your INNER FREEDOM straight up and then in the second half, we get into your wealth + bold action.

$697 + GST


 (full retail price of $797)




Manifest your financial goals rapidly ELIMINATE your financial & emotional abundance blocks BREAKTHROUGH those glass ceilings to get your next level income.  This SPEED UP the process of hitting your financial targets!

Valued at $297




20 minute Transformational Hypnosis Recording 

to permanently install your new beliefs,

 feelings and actions.

Valued at $497


2 hours Live Group Integration Calls after the event to receive guidance and hands on coaching and real-time support while you transform your business + life. 

Valued at $800

Sign up NOW to save + receive two bonus powerful money clearings PLUS a coded Money + Abundance Activation Re-wiring Recording to cement those new neurals!

This re-wiring + activation alone will eliminate anything that’s standing between you hitting your financial goals and you becoming a money magnet!

Meet the Women Behind the Rise UP Conference

Rosie Chehade

Rosie is an international best selling author and highly acclaimed Transformational Leadership and Master Coach, speaker and mentor in the coaching and consciousness industry.

Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women + business owners grow their impact driven business, rise up in their Leadership and quantum leap into their next-level success.

Rosie’s unique approach to business combines conscious and subconscious reprogramming with the step-by-step strategies. She takes a holistic approach to biz by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds.

During this immersive 2-day Live event, Rosie will be supporting you in becoming truly successful by letting go of your limitations and aligning your life with your gifts.

Christine Corcoran


Christine has an incredible ability to get to the root cause of what’s holding you back, uplevel your money mindset and set you up for success with unstoppable confidence and belief in your ability to succeed.


She loves helping women rediscover their inner magic, overcome mindset blocks and ultimately get out of their own way, so they can flourish in the freedom and impact business they love. 


She is a qualified Practitioner in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies and an MBraining Practitioner with an extensive study of Human Behavioural Profiling, Hypnotherapy and Leadership Coaching. She specialises in doing the deep subconscious work in releasing limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours to set you up with a CEO Mindset and helps you embody the next level version of yourself to achieve the success you deserve.

With over four decades of shared experience, and having supported HUNDREDS of women, Rosie and Christine will transform your business into one that is a force to be reckoned with!

Combining the power of the conscious, subconscious, heart and aligned action, you will experience rapid inner transformations that will ripple outwardly into your business!  

In just two days, you will see incredible results in both your business, and life more generally! You'll walk away feeling reborn and ready to R-I-S-E!

Now is your time to master your work, 

dramatically increase your prices, 

expand your impact

 and get unrivalled

transformational results

for your clients!

What Past Attendees Said


“F**king incredible! I was absolutely tuned into abundance, but this turned the volume right up!  What an amazing weekend. Forget "a-ha" moments, these were F**K YEAH! moments!  Thank you for this weekend, it was life changing! "


/ Competition Marketing Specialist

2020 Attendee


“There isn't a single thing  I would change. I loved EVERYTHING!  This event helped me to come back to me, not the businesss owner, not the mum, ME!

You have to do this conference  if you want to reconnect  and feel."


/ Ecopreneur Business Coach

2020 Attendee


"If it was rated out of 5 stars- I would give it a 10!  My experience at the conference  exceeded my expectations! The insights, breakthroughs and deeper connections I created within myself has been proufound!   Every woman should have the absolute pleasure  of this experience. I will be forever grateful!"


/ SME Business Coach 

2020 Attendee


“The Rise Up Conference was more than I imagined!  I got so much value  out of the two jam packed days. I would highly recommend attending!"


/ Author & Organisational specialist

2020 Attendee


“This couldn't have been more perfect! 

I had so many breakthroughs this weekend, limiting beliefs realised and released.  I now have goals that I would never have been brave enough to set before.  Love Love Love!."


/ Founder of Botantist Aromatherapy

2020 Attendee


"The transformation for me at this conference was life changing.  I kept looking externally for the answers and the whole time it was inside me.  The journey I got to go on these 2 days was epic.  and the amazing  women that were so vulnerable  - I got exactly what  I came for and more!"


/ Business Coach 

2020 Attendee

The Location

The Hilton Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

All the facilities you need in one location – the beach, sand dunes, poolside views, on-site accommodation, easy access to restaurants.

Arrive for the weekend at this Gold Coast to tune out the world and tune into YOU.  



Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm both days

If you require accommodation, feel free to book at your own leisure. There are a plethora of options in and around Surfers Paradise. 

The Hilton have provided a special Bed and Breakfast rate for attendees of the Rise Up Conference to stay within the venue.

When booking, the below code must be entered under “Group code” via the website.



The Hilton hotel

Gold Coast,

 6 Orchid Ave,

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

(07) 5680 8000

Got questions?

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Are men welcome at the conference?

I’ve done a lot of business courses in the past, few of which have given me the results I desired. How will the Rise UP conference be different?

Can you really achieve epic transformation in just 2 days?


Do I need to bring NEED TO BRING ANYTHING?

How long are the days?

What if I can only make 1 day?

Do you give refunds?

Still have more questions?? We're here for you!

email: OR

if you’re ready to:

Deeply heal from the inside out, so you can up level in your business

Silence your saboteur, unlock your hidden potential and make you MAGNETIC to success and abundance

Rise in your leadership, mindset and finances

Step into your next level of success and impact

Connect with a community of like-minded business owners who will be your friends and cheerleader for years to come


Bring your biggest and boldest goals to life

Can't wait to see you there!

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