Everyone has a story.

Everyone can talk about the journey of their life, about the experiences they have been

through, the adventures they’ve had, and the things that they’ve seen and done. This post is

going to be about where mine began, because it’s only fair that I share a little bit of myself with

you, if you’re trusting me with your stories too.

I grew up in a small country town, in a big Catholic family. I loved my childhood. I loved my

parents. I loved my brothers and sisters (I was number 5 of 6 children). Yet despite all that love

for what I had, I knew that as soon as I could I was getting out of that small town. I just knew

that I wanted more.

So I finished high school, I got a trade as a hairdresser, and then I got a job working on

American Cruise Liners. I was travelling the world!

From the moment I set foot on that first cruise ship, I was in my element. I had wanted a life of

adventure, and boy did I get exactly that! I loved everything about it – the hard work, the long

hours, the crazy parties, the adventures through foreign countries. Yet through all that, the best

part about it and the thing that I loved more than any of it, was the people.

I formed some amazing friendships – some that I still have to this very day. Friendships with

people from all over the world, from backgrounds both similar and so very different to my own.

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed though – my favourite memories from all those travels are the

social aspects of getting to know people. Of getting to hear their stories and learn about them,

about who they are and how they came to be that way. Those are the memories I cherish most

of all.

Of course amongst all of those wonderful experiences were some not-so- wonderful

experiences but I choose to focus on the good moments. I choose to relive the memories that

empower me, those memories that formed those beginnings of how I found myself and of how

I learned who I am as a human being.

Because after all, that’s where my story begins and I’m looking forward to sharing more of it

with you.


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  1. You’re amazing. What stories you will have to share from all you have experienced! Congratulations on taking the plunge into sharing yourself, your kindness, and your inspiration with the world x

  2. Hi christine so happy for you , yes i am a part of your memory , we both worked on celebrity cruise ship infinity , it was a pleasure meeting and working with you god bless , an good luck on your future.

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