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refocus the mind and pivot your business - online workshop

Join me for this interactive online workshop to help you refocus your mind and pivot your business during this unusual time.

Being in business can be difficult at the best of times let alone a global health crisis that closes down countries, and it can be easy to get caught up in all the panic and hysteria. I want to be your guiding light of calm and clarity to help you navigate this crazy time.

Join me live on Zoom for this 75 minute workshop as we cover:

~Re-evaluating your business

~Dealing with uncertainty in business

~Refocusing your energy for your business now

~Reviewing your business with a Corona Virus lens

~Pivoting to online

~Collaboration & Partnerships

~Who you may need on your team


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Podcast episodes to support you through this time

140 - refocus & pivot

Times are changed. Change and uncertainty is hard and this Coronavirus Crisis it’s not going to blow over next week so we need to Refocus and pivot so our businesses can thrive throughout this time.

Today’s episode is for those who want to focus on solutions rather than problems. For those who want to do whatever they can to continue to trade no matter what.

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:

  • What to focus on now and what to consider as you refocus
  • Money mindset in times of crisis
  • Re-evaluating your business and it’s focus during this time
  • Creating for online
  • Thinking outside the box

141 - Making Money in times of crisis

When we are faced with a crisis our old beliefs and thought patterns around money can come back to haunt us and if we’re not careful, can affect us the way we do business.

Throughout times of crisis businesses can thrive and industry’s continue to thrive, don’t let times of crisis stop you from showing up and making offers to your potential clients.

When you are continuing to trade and continuing to make offers you give others permission to spend money and make money which will only positively affect the economy.

Is this crisis causing you to fall into a lack mindset? Let’s work through money beliefs and thoughts that come up when we’re faced with a time of crisis.

142 - Using your time in isolation wisely

How are you finding the self isolation? Going a little stir crazy? Working from home and struggling to stay productive? Yeah I hear you! I love to stay productive and I am considering how I want to use this downtime wisely to make sure that I come out better the other end. Personally and professionally.

143 - Bypassing your emotions

This is an emotional time, with so much fear and uncertainty going on in the world, the way we manage our emotions is being highlighted. If we are ones to bypass or avoid our emotions, we are left feeling low, exhausted and highly emotional.

Otherwise, we resort to buffering to avoid our emotions through alcohol, eating, bingeing on Netflix and anything excessive. Today on the podcast I want you to give yourself a break. If you aren't feeling emotional right now, I would be worried about you. Take this time to process your emotions in a healthy way rather than bypass or buffer. Here I take you through how to do that and how to be aware when you're buffering or bypassing. 

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It's my passion and my mission to support heart-centred entrepreneurs and passionate business owners to elevate their mindset, motivation and business.

Success in business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy so you better get your head right if you want to go the extra mile.  

I love that I get to inspire and encourage powerhouse women to take their businesses to the next level. and be a part of their journey as they blow their own minds of what is possible. 

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