158 – Fear of Self Promotion

Who’s up for a little shameless self promotion? Well no one apparantely. When self promotion can be described as furthering your own growth and advancement or prosperity it can be seen as distasteful and in a country where we tear each other down rather than build each other up, it’s not wonder so many fear it.

Here’s the thing – without some form of self promotion your business will struggle. It’s time to unlock your uniqueness and share it with the world.

117 – Embracing our seasons with Alisha Rose Kruger, Menstrual cycle coach, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care™ Practitioner

Cycle Awareness
The inner seasons and how to use your seasons more effectively
Harnessing our seasonal powers to create more ease, flow and success in life
How to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally in each season
How to track your cycle to use the energy for higher impact and magnetism
How to plan ahead and embrace your cycle