160 – Money Mindset at Tax time

How do you feel about Tax time? Does it bring up fear, anxiety, and stress? Do you avoid it? Are you hoping and wishing it goes well?
Tax time is a great way to work on your money mindset because if the fear of tax time is causing you stress and overwhelm then you may be closing yourself off to more abundance.
It’s time to change your thoughts about paying tax and shift your vibration from scarcity to abundance.

158 – Fear of Self Promotion

Who’s up for a little shameless self promotion? Well no one apparantely. When self promotion can be described as furthering your own growth and advancement or prosperity it can be seen as distasteful and in a country where we tear each other down rather than build each other up, it’s not wonder so many fear it.

Here’s the thing – without some form of self promotion your business will struggle. It’s time to unlock your uniqueness and share it with the world.