57 – Making business possible with Mandy Richards, Founder & CEO of Global Sisters

What’s your mission? And what are you willing to do to achieve it? How stubborn are you willing to be to make it happen? And why is it important to you? Uncovering you “WHY” takes your mission to a whole new level and today’s conversation with Mandy Richards, CEO & Founder of Global Sisters uncovers […]

53 – Productivity isn’t about doing “All the things”

How productive are you in your business? Are you happy with the results you’ve created in your business? Would you like to take your business to the next level? Today’s episode is all about working out the activities and where you spend your time in your business that actually produces the results and the profit […]

49 – This little skill will save you so much time

This little skill is one of the most important skills to master when trying be successful in your life and your business. It’s not the easiest thing to recognise when it’s happening, it can be sneaky AF but when you have the awareness around what your quitting looks like it can change the game.   […]

48 – Are these 3 words killing your dreams?

How can these three little words keep us so stuck, unresourceful and playing small, and we don’t even realise it? Yet, we are often using them in so many contexts, and the worst part is we actually believe them.   I don’t know I don’t know if I can afford that I don’t know how […]

46 – Are you starting your day on your terms?

Recently I have been neglecting my morning routine as the weather has gotten colder and my days have gotten busier, and I have recognized the impact it has had on my days. So today I want to share the ways I set up my day for abundance and mindfulness to lift my energy and my […]

45 – The Power of saying No

Podcast Episode 45 – Is all about the power of saying no. Do you struggle with saying no? Feel the need to please and avoid confrontation? Why do some people find it easy to say no and others struggle? Let’s uncover why we feel the need to say yes and find new ways to say no. […]

34 – I’m not a mind reader, neither are you

Today’s insight is all about clear communication. So much hurt, pain and misunderstandings can be easily sorted out with better communication. We often find ourselves making internal judgments, laying blame and expecting others to know how we think or feel, without considering how well we have communicated what we want from the other party.   […]

28 – How to find your people

Today’s episode is  a hybrid episode – I know, weird right. But it’s kinda the same concept – you’ll see. This week I’ve had a few people comment on how difficult it is to find friends in this day and age and I’ve also been having conversations on how to find clients in a business […]

23 – Is your money enabling you or controlling you? With Lea Schodel from The Mindful Wealth Movement

Lea Schodel is CEO of Wellthy Pty Ltd and the founder of The mindful wealth movement. Lea has 17 years’ experience in financial advice, combined with qualifications in wellness coaching, money coaching, yoga teaching and writing. Lea is passionate about financial well-being and teaching women to manage money in a holistic, meaningful and creative way. She […]