Perfectionism – How to nip it in the bud

We continue to make tweaks here and there, for weeks, months or even years! This is a perfect case of perfectionism which in turn leads to procrastination. This duo is toxic and needs to be shut down ASAP! If you let it linger you risk grinding your business down to a halt!

242 -Perfectionism & Why we do what we do with Kristy Gray, Life Strategist & Astrologer

242 -Perfectionism & Why we do what we do with Kristy Gray, Life Strategist & Astrologer Kristy Gray is a Life Strategist & Astrologer all about inspiring others to take the steps they need to master confidence, gain clarity and transform your lifestyle all through the lens of Astrology.She’ll use her vast and varied experience …

108 – Reconnecting with yourself with Julie Parker, Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Author, & Editor in Chief of Inspired COACH Magazine

Julie Parker is the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains and supports heart-centered people to become life coaches. The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author and an in demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world and is the recipient of numerous leadership and women’s business awards.

97 – Perfectionism is the thief of your joy!

Are you a Perfectionist?
Hhhm Perfectionism. It’s a thing a lot of people struggle with and I can hear the inner critic of all you perfectionists say ” It does have to be perfect!”.
So I wanted to take the time to delve into how to identify if you are a perfectionist and how to slowly develop your ability to be ok when things are not perfect.