53 – Productivity isn’t about doing “All the things”

How productive are you in your business? Are you happy with the results you’ve created in your business? Would you like to take your business to the next level? Today’s episode is all about working out the activities and where you spend your time in your business that actually produces the results and the profit […]

49 – This little skill will save you so much time

This little skill is one of the most important skills to master when trying be successful in your life and your business. It’s not the easiest thing to recognise when it’s happening, it can be sneaky AF but when you have the awareness around what your quitting looks like it can change the game.   […]

46 – Are you starting your day on your terms?

Recently I have been neglecting my morning routine as the weather has gotten colder and my days have gotten busier, and I have recognized the impact it has had on my days. So today I want to share the ways I set up my day for abundance and mindfulness to lift my energy and my […]

39 – Discovering your voice with Jessi and Marie from North Star Messaging

From overburdened copywriters to full-blown messaging strategists, Jessi and Marie from North Star Messaging have completely transformed their business and made room for their unique personalities to shine.  They’ve honed in on their true purpose, and now they help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs do the same. Their articles have also been published in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and YFS […]

37 – Finding a Way with Sam Mutimer, Founder & Director of ThinkTank Social

Sam Mutimer, Founder and Director at ThinkTank Social and ThinkTank Scout Founding the company in 2008 after selling advertising space on her broken leg via YouTube (yes, you read correctly!), Sam acts as both Director of Social Media and ‘Public Face’ for the brand. Coming from playing rugby for England, Sam’s true passion has been […]

27 – Dealing with Self Doubt

Sitting in feelings of self doubt keeps us small and stuck in non-action. Whenever you are have a dream, a goal and are wanting to achieve something incredible then feelings of self doubt can show up and stop us in our tracks. If we are committed to growth then we need to learn how to […]

19 – An incredible 2018 starts with You! With Kirsten Morrison

Happy New Year!!  What an amazing year 2017 was!! Jump on with my friend and fellow coach Kirsten Morrison as we chat all about 2017 and the lessons we have learnt along this journey of self development, entrepreneurship and finding our purpose. We talk all things: Purpose Goal and intention setting Happiness is an inside […]

17 – Cut the Noise with Chris Helder, International Motivational Speaker and Author

Guest Mr Chris Helder – International Motivational Speaker & Author. Chris is one of today’s highest booked motivational speakers, with 16 years experience he has presented his high-impact presentation over 2000 times to audiences around the world.  Best selling author of three books – The Ultimate book of influence, Useful Belief and new release – […]

14 – Taking the Mystery out of Marketing with Linda MacDonald from Business2One

On today’s episode, I had the privilege to speak and pick the brain of Marketing Director from Business2One, Linda MacDonald. Linda is internationally respected marketing, communications and community engagement leader. She is regarded as a leading authority on digital strategy, social media and the use of LinkedIn for business. With a fierce commitment to learning, Linda […]

13 – Could your friends make you more successful?

“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn It is so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up, expect a high standard from you and bring out the best version of yourself. Otherwise, you find yourself accepting less. Less from yourself, less from others […]