204 – People, Processes & Productivity with ANGELA PROFFITT- Award-winning 8 -figure entrepreneur & CEO of GSD Creative

The psychology model you can use to improve your communication with clients, employees and understand yourself better
Leadership is all about self-awareness
The biggest time wasters all businesses struggle with
How to free up your time

97 – Perfectionism is the thief of your joy!

Are you a Perfectionist?
Hhhm Perfectionism. It’s a thing a lot of people struggle with and I can hear the inner critic of all you perfectionists say ” It does have to be perfect!”.
So I wanted to take the time to delve into how to identify if you are a perfectionist and how to slowly develop your ability to be ok when things are not perfect.

26 – How to pull yourself out of a rut

So, you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, not taking action and you’re not happy about it! So how do you pull yourself out? Here are my top 6 tips on how to pull yourself out of a rut and get back on track. First, recognize that it is not where you want to be.  …