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The Top 7 Areas You Need To Master To Be Successful In Business

Business doesn’t have to be complicated, but it sure helps to know when you need help in a certain area to be able to accelerate your growth. You are a genius. You are great at what you do and that’s why you’re in business. Being successful in business takes more than just being good at what you do. If no-one knows who you are, what you do or doesn’t understand the value you offer then you can be great at what you do with no clients to pay you to do it.

Want to be successful? Want to scale your business to greater heights? Then it’s going to take these 7 areas to really catapult you into owning the business you desire.

It all starts with….


If you don’t know how to communicate what you do and what makes you uniquely qualified to help your ideal clients well, the more difficult it will be to grow your business. Copywriting helps you build like and trust with potential clients and can set you a part from your competitors in a unique and interesting way that helps potential clients feel connected to you and a part of your brand. From website copy, sales pages to email marketing campaigns there is an art and elegance to writing copy and without understanding the art to it, it can be time-consuming and exhausting to write words that convey your essence and energy out into the world.

Great copy ignites interest and conveys your personality to the reader in such a way that it sets the foundation for a strong relationship, communicates the value of what you do and helps to convert potential clients into paying clients. Don’t miss this really important step.

Check out Wordfetti  – they are the unicorns in writing great copy! They also have no-fluff Podcast called Brandfetti to help you navigate it.


Building relationships and creating a network is important for three different reasons.

Firstly, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand what it’s like to run a business and who get it, is so important for your mental health. Not only that, when you work alone, you need amazing role models to look up to and people who are at that next stage of growth to learn from. The best way to find these people is to get out there and meet new people.

Secondly, to grow your network of potential clients. The more people know who you are and what you do the better, online and offline. Set yourself up to be the go-to person in your industry and then share what you do and why with as many people as you can, all the while building great relationships.

Thirdly, referrals. There are things that you don’t do that your ideal clients need. Make a list of other services that you know your ideal client needs/wants and find someone who does them well. Having a list of people to refer to helps you stay focused on staying in your genius zone and shows integrity when you refer to someone who is an expert in what they do.

Make sure you build a relationship with the person you refer to so they know who the potential client is coming from and why. We all need to support each other in our business journeys. There are enough clients out there for all of us, so let’s share the love.

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If a business isn’t profitable, it’s just a hobby, not only that, the more you understand your numbers the more power you have to make the right decisions for your business. Create a ritual where you check your numbers weekly. And I don’t mean just your financials, I mean your conversion rates, your engagement rates and anything that can be measured (and should be measured in your business). So many of us are scared to look at our numbers for fear of them not being great, but if you are not where you want to be, the quickest way you’re going to get there is by figuring out where you are and the bridge that you need to cross to the next level of success. Your answers are all in the numbers.

If you need help working out your numbers then check out Business Lane for all things Bas, bookkeeping, and awesomeness.


One of the biggest things I hear is that people are constantly saying they hate marketing, but hating marketing isn’t going to grow your business any faster.  If you want your business to be successful, you need to reframe what marketing means to you. Is it the bane of your existence? Or the best way for you to reach potential clients, and start making a difference in people’s lives? Unfortunately, you cannot help anyone unless you know how to communicate yourself clearly and passionately to the outside world and that starts with creating awareness and interest in who you are and what you do.  Then it’s time to get it in front of as many people who are potentially your ideal client as possible.

Check out the Olive Louise Social team – they know where it’s at when it comes to marketing.


When you create something new in your business don’t you want to just shout it from the rooftops?

I know I do but just coldly announcing your product or service to the world before you’ve built a relationship with people rarely works. This is where understanding a launch sequence comes in to save the day. You’ve got to understand who you’re talking to, warm them up to create interest in what you may be selling and communicate why they need what you’re offering. This is the pre-cursor to the sales process.

If you exist in the twenty first century then learning to launch new products or services in your business across your socials, emails and networks is a skill that can turn a new product launch into an exciting and successful time in your business, which not only brings in more money but also builds your brand authority.

Steph Taylor is the queen when it comes to a launch process! Check her out and also enjoy her podcast – The Socialette


If you’re not making sales, then your business is not thriving. If you want your business to be successful, then mastering how to sell your product or service is essential. There is a process, and it doesn’t have to be sleazy or salesy, but there must be a process. There is a big difference between marketing your business and selling your services. It’s called conversion – how do you set it up and knock it down? How do you convince people to work with you and what’s the best way to do it in a non-salesy, sleazy way? Mastering sales is essential if you want to make money and if you want to help people –  you need to make money so your business is sustainable. You don’t have to be sleazy and you don’t have to be an expert to understand how to use a sales process to support the growth of your business. 

Bay Bradfield is the strategist you want on your team if you’re wanting to convert more followers into paying customers.


Finally, you must master your mindset. The most important business tool you have is your mind. The ability to pick yourself back up after you’ve been knocked down, to see problems as opportunities in disguise and constantly be your own cheerleader on this business journey is paramount. Mindset plays a huge part in every element we’ve discussed above.
Finding the confidence to back yourself, talk about yourself and put yourself out there takes courage and a mindset of curiosity and compassion.

Dealing with the fear of success and the fear of failure as you constantly show up and put yourself out into the world is real. Struggling with poor money mindset as you review your numbers and assess your profitability can hinder your growth in so many ways and often causes many of us to give up on our dreams.

Learning to keep going when things get tough and building the resilience to stay strong through a failed launch or miserable month of sales all starts in the mind.

Developing the confidence in yourself to believe in your worth to consistently sell yourself and your services to your clients and dealing with rejection all begins with a resilient mind. Success in a sales process can be the difference between selling yourself with confidence or sabotaging your way through a sales call and talking people out of working with you.

When we grow through different stages of a business you unearth new fears and mindset blocks that can keep you stuck in non-action and self-doubt. Doing the mindset work is how you pull yourself back up and keep going towards achieving the success you deserve. Working with a mindset coach can help you not only pull yourself out of a rut but can change your future results but accelerates your ability to believe in yourself and the success you deserve!

It all begins with mastering your mindset.

Want to know what’s holding you back in the mindset department?

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Written by Christine Corcoran

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