The Energetics of Money 


The 7 week Program is designed to help you breakthrough your money blocks so you can charge what you're worth and elevate yourself to a whole new level of belief in your ability to earn, receive and experience money in your business.

The Energetics of Money isn't just about Mindset, it encompasses every piece of your energetic output that affects your relationship with money. 

Throughout the seven weeks I'll be taking you through my 6 Pillar Framework to ensure your whole experience with money is shifted.
From releasing generational blocks of scarcity, learning how to interact with, behave and manifest wealth, to change your whole money identity so you can charge your worth, increase your impact and elevate your success to the next level!
Ultimately allowing you to feel, act and think differently so you can have all the time, money and freedom you like.

My favorite part was exploring and understanding my money mindset, as well as trying new tools to work through them and hearing other participants share their experiences. I'm definetly more abundant in my mindset. I've already recommended the program multiple times already - it is so powerful working on this stuff, and since I started working with you I have tripled my income!

Morgan, - Beauty Salon Owner

hey I'm christine

I'm a Business Mindset Coach obsessed with Money Mindset. I've helped clients sell out their programs and workshops, raise their prices with confidence and 6 times their businesses in less than 12 months. 

Let me tell you, if I could count the amount of times I doubted myself, my ideas, and my value I would've lost count by now. 

It's crazy the amount of times I've had to stop comparing myself to other epic women who I see succeeding, while sabotaging my own growth!  If I could get that time back, I'd be much further ahead than I am right now. 

I know it may seem impossible to think you can work on your mindset and it shift everything in your business, but I'm here to tell you that I've witnessed time and time again the impact this work can have. 

Not only have I gone from being stuck on an income roller coaster, to believing so whole-heartedly in my worth that I tripled my income in 12 months, but I've also helped so many of my clients do the same. 

That's why I've created this new program, so you can have this too.

The Energetics of Money IS for you if... 

You're ready to start charging your worth
Of course you are! It's time! No more accepting less than you're worth, no more discounting, no more offering stuff for free, no more saying yes when you really want to say no! It's time to own your worth and charge like you own it! Let's do this!

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