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What If There Was No Wrong Decision?

What if what you chose worked out exactly as you wanted it to? What if it worked out perfectly? What if there was no wrong decision?

Which one would you choose?

If you’re holding yourself back from making a big decision or stewing over too many options for fear of making the wrong decision, I would challenge you to go back and ask yourself those first three questions.

What if? Which one would you choose?

You see the problem isn’t if you make the wrong decision, it’s in not making the decision.

The biggest strength I see successful people have is the ability to make decisions fast and be able to pivot when things don’t go to plan. Those who hold themselves back for fear of making the wrong decision are still at the starting line when the successful people have decided, committed and figured out which step to take next.

The only way to know if it’s going to work out is to choose.

Each decision we make we receive some form of feedback. Information or results that gives us the knowledge of what worked well and what didn’t work. You’re in control here so when you decide and work out what didn’t work you then you get to make another decision on which way to pivot.

When you don’t decide you give your power and control over to fear and then it takes the driver’s seat. Living your life in fear of making the wrong decision will only have you driving around in circles.

In the instant the decision is made, the fear is reduced and often dissipates. Leaving us with a clear head and clear direction on where to go.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” 

― Peter F. Drucker

Being a decision maker is a skill to master, and if it’s something you struggle with then leaning into that fear and learning to make small decisions every day, no matter what the consequence will strengthen your resilience. Then when it comes to making big life-changing decisions you have strengthened the muscle enough to feel strong enough to decide. And decide fast.

Another thing to consider when making decisions is being mindful of the high expectations we place on ourselves. When we have set the stakes so high that there is no way to succeed then no wonder making the decision is hard. Allow yourself the space to learn and grow through your decisions, and remove the word perfect from your vocabulary. Perfect is nonexistent. When the outcome is achievable and our expectations are reasonable we can allow ourselves to feel good about taking the action and knowing that we can be flexible with the outcome.

If the fear of making the wrong decision is so debilitating then there may be underlying beliefs from your past that are causing this self-sabotaging behaviour. When we believe we are not being good enough or if we have been humiliated for being wrong in the past then becoming aware of these fear-based thoughts will help us move through the fear. Figuring out where they are holding us back is important, but they cannot be the reason why we don’t start. Otherwise, the doubts and the limiting beliefs win. Again.

Last month at the Love What You Do Event, Someone was talking about how she was struggling with having too many ideas and she didn’t know which one to choose or start with. I asked her the same question from above;
“If each one worked out exactly the way you wanted them to work out, which one would choose?”

She paused and smiled. A flash of realization crossed her face.

It didn’t matter. She just had to start.

Just start. Decide. Right now. No more waiting.