For the past 6 years, I have worked with amazing business women, supporting them in achieving their business goals and dreams. We work on everything from analyzing their business performance, their ideal target market, marketing, their profit and loss, their staff’s performance, product sell through, ways to bring in new clients and to build on their existing clientele- all ways to grow their business.

Out of the 100 or so businesses I worked with on a regular basis, I loved seeing how excited these owners would become when things started to work for them. I loved how they took the ideas we created and ran with them and achieved the success they were looking for. Yet, there was always a small percentage of owners that struggled implementing and executing the same success.
What fascinated me the most was, how some owners that were given the same information, same great ideas and yet, didn’t have nearly the same success.They second guessed themselves, they blamed their staff, the market, they found any excuse that may justify why things weren’t working and found that no matter what they tried, it just didn’t work.
Personally, I love to see people succeed and so this really frustrated me. I didn’t know what else I could do and I felt like I wasn’t serving them the best I could. I didn’t understand why some people made it happen and created such amazing momentum and then others didn’t?
What was the difference? What makes someone successful?

I have always been an avid learner, I believe we are always growing and I am always working on improving myself.
So I began researching ways to be successful in business and life to find some new solutions. I started studying successful business people, and what worked for them. I invested in myself, and my education going to conferences and events and then came back to share my knowledge with these women.
But what I discovered was that no matter what I learnt, no matter what solutions I suggested “You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make it drink.”
What was I missing? What drives people to achieve the success??

Firstly, I looked into Edisc Behavioral Profiling and I loved it! It helped me understand why I do what I do, why I see things the way I do and what motivates and drives other people.
Behavioral Profiling assisted me to better understand people’s communication styles, what motivated them and how they processed information.
How important is communication in business? Huge right??
My business owners loved these training’s! It helped them understand their team better, their clients and how better to communicate to be on the same page with their customers to get amazing results.

So I had the business aspect down pat, my owners were interacting better with their team and they were working toward their goals.

Like everything in life, things change. We come up against challenges and how we handle these challenges can either make or break a business.
So where some women came up against adversity and took it head on, moved through it and learnt from the experience, others headbutted the wall and told themselves they wouldn’t be able to get over it and then proved themselves right.

One of my favourite quotes is one by Jim Rohn –

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

From here, I wanted to know why. I wanted to know, how I could assist my clients to get better, be more wise and learn new skills to be more successful? How can I teach them to fail fast and then learn that failure is just feedback?

So I delved into studying human behavior through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Matrix Therapy and how our thoughts create our feelings and our emotions ultimately are creating our results in life.

Through studying successful people, this is what I’ve observed and discovered:

– They set big dream busting goals and revisited them on a regular basis
– They saw their business as an entity outside of themselves.
– They were able to be objective from a space outside the business. This kept them less emotionally connected to the outcome.
– They took failure as feedback. They don’t make it mean anything about themselves as a person like “I’m a failure”, if things don’t work out. This helped them make business decisions based on what the business needed, not what they felt like doing.
– They’re flexible- if something doesn’t work they try something else. If a promotion didn’t work they look at why, how, what they can do differently next time. They look at what they can learn from it and move on.
– They take responsibility for their part. They take care of their energy, their communication and look at the big picture not just the daily frustrations.
– They always had a list of options. Business is like a game of football- There’s always another play, another game, another technique. There’s no room for giving up, and resting on your laurels
– They believe in their ability to succeed
– They don’t compare themselves to anyone else.

It’s all mindset. The difference being making a choice to progress. It all came down to their thoughts.

It was the difference between above the line or below the line thinking. Above the line thinking is very solution focused and positive and Below the line thinking is where we blame, justify and deny what is happening and stay in the victim mentality.
Here is a little insight into each area:

So if you are feeling a little stuck and unhappy with where your business is at right now and would like to achieve more success. How could you adopt the Above the line thinking to assist you in moving forward?
Are there areas where maybe you feel you are thinking below the line? Sometimes I find myself in this way of thinking when things aren’t going my way and I just use this as a reminder to keep my thinking in check.
Am I focused on the problem or the solution? Am I looking for the possibilities or am I sticking my head in the sand?

We are all a work in progress and if you choose to learn anything from successful people around you then try and understand their behaviors and their thinking patterns and then model those for success.

I guarantee you will find amazing solutions, open up new possibilities and find the success you are looking for.

Here’s to your success,